Risk Management

Approved Driver List

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Note: Drivers of fifteen passenger vans must also appear on the van training list.

Driver Department Approval Expiration Date
AbouZied, Magdy Anwar BGSU Dining 06/30/2017
Aburahma, Wafaa Global Village Learning Community 10/31/2017
Adamczak, Jane E. Campus Operations 10/31/2017
Adkins, Allison Mary Residence Life 07/31/2017
Aichele, Nicholas Robert CAACURH Conference 10/31/2017
Aila, Naveen Kumar grounds 04/30/2017
Ainsworth, Sara University Library 03/31/2017
Ainsworth, Sara Jane Center for Community & Civic Engagement 12/31/2017
Al-Dailami, Mohammed Abdulssalam School of Teacing And Learning 10/31/2017
Albert, James H. Mathematics and Statistics 04/26/2017
Albkooa, Faisal NAWFAL OMAR Design and Construction 11/30/2017
Alday, Paul Wesley Department of Communication 08/31/2017
Alejo, Hugo Campus Services 06/30/2017
Allen, Courtney BGSU Dining 02/28/2018
Allen, Courtney Renee BGSU Dining 02/28/2017
Allgayer, Sasha Media and Communication 06/30/2017
Almeer, Abdulqodous Tawfeeq NWORBD 01/31/2018
Amacker, Nicole Denise Center for Leadership 09/30/2017
Ampiaw, Victoria TRIO Programs 03/31/2017
Angott, Moriah Joy WBGU-TV 02/28/2017
Ankrom, Mary Elizabeth Athletics 06/30/2017
Ansted, Paul David Office of Residence Life 05/31/2017
Antal, Evan WJ Athletics - Volleyball 02/28/2018
Appelhans, Courtney Joe BGSU Dining/ Chartwells 04/30/2017
Arakai, Joel ITS 01/31/2018
Arbogast, Brett Logistics 05/31/2017
Arrington, Jordan Michael Ground Campus Operations 08/31/2017
Ash, Bethany Lynn COSMOS 05/31/2017
Ault, Julie Anne Career Center 07/31/2017
Avery, Kalyn Campus Services 05/31/2017
Ayers, Karli Lynn Parking Services 08/31/2017
Baber, Jared Dean ITS 01/31/2018
Bader, Devin C. dbader2015 01/31/2018
Bahmyari, Hossein Office of design and construction 06/30/2017
Baker, Julie Kay ITS 07/31/2017
Baldonado, Delia campus Op. 08/31/2017
Baldwin, Jim G Plumbing Shop 04/30/2017
Balser, Jon M. Campus Operations 11/30/2017
Bane , Hannah Jo Athletic Training 07/31/2017
Barber, Eli Ruben Department of the environment and sustainability 10/31/2017
Barber, KenDarius NWORBD 05/31/2017
Barhorst, Olivia Jane Campus Operations 08/31/2017
Baringer, Jamie Ann BGSU Athletics Ice Arena and Stroh 03/31/2017
Barratt, Clare Psychology 06/30/2017
Barringer, Bethann Renee Oaks 11/30/2017
Bartman, Zachary Clay Campus Operations 06/30/2017
Barton, Annette K. bookstore 08/31/2017
Basalyga, Lindsay Marie Athletics Women's Soccer 03/31/2017
Basilius, Ty Alan Biology 04/30/2017
Bauer, Jason Frank Athletics 01/31/2018
Bechstein, Jeremy L. gronds 08/31/2017
Bechstein, Kurt ITS 05/31/2017
Bechtol, Kaitlin Elise Tourism, Leisure, & Event Planning 11/30/2017
Begum, Khani English 01/31/2018
Bell, Craig Jeffrey Marketing & Communication 04/30/2017
Bellerud, Alex ITS/CTS 05/31/2017
Bennett, Joseph Charles Parking Services 08/31/2017
Berry, Aileen Grace Shuttle Service 07/31/2017
Bertke, Jessica Ann Theatre 08/31/2017
Best, Colin Duane Center for community and civic engagement 02/28/2017
Betori, Vincent John Parking Services 08/31/2017
Bibler, Diana Student Metal Arts Council 09/30/2017
Biere, Nicholas C. WBGU-TV 01/31/2018
Bingman, Verner P. Psychology 10/31/2017
Blachowski-Dreyer, Daria Anne Dining 09/30/2017
Bobo, Kyle campus operations 08/31/2017
Bogusch, Leah Psychology 08/31/2017
Bomlitz, Benjamin Environmental Science/BGSU 08/31/2017
Boone, Steven Elbert Dept. of Theatre and Film 06/30/2017
Bowers, Calvin CM University Advancement 09/30/2017
Bowman, Jaime L. BGSU DIning 01/31/2018
Boyle, Kathryn Marie WBGU 06/30/2017
Bradt, Vanessa Firelands Library 05/31/2017
Brashear, Virginia K. Campus Operations 03/31/2017
Bricely, Courtney Brianne Parking Services 11/30/2017
Briggs, Brandon M School of Art 02/28/2018
Britton, Dustin W. Dining 02/28/2017
Brock, Matt Football 03/31/2017
Brodke, Michelle Applied Sciences 07/31/2017
Brogan, Brian David Campus Operations Lockshop 06/30/2017
Brooks, Michael Ernest History Department 02/28/2018
Brown, Alissa Sue ECCO 04/30/2017
Brown, Ana C. Office of Residence Life 08/31/2017
Brown, Haven E. ITS 05/31/2017
Brown, Jacob A. ICA-Sports Medicine 01/31/2018
Brown , Michael Allyn Plumbing 12/31/2017
Bruning, Robin Lee Dining 03/31/2017
Bryce, Michael Roots Music Club 05/31/2017
Buehrer, Jolene K. Humanities/BGSU-Firelands 07/31/2017
Buening, Jennifer E. Academic and Student Services 02/28/2018
Buening, Jennifer Elizabeth Academic and Student Services 02/28/2017
Buettner, William Michael BGSU post office 08/31/2017
Buhrow, Kaylee Michele ITS/CTS 09/30/2017
Burns, Timothy Design & Construction 07/31/2017
Burris, Karen Geology 08/31/2017
Busack, Samantha Ellen Environmental Sciences 08/31/2017
Bushong, Sara Ann University Libraries 03/31/2017
Butcher, Benjamin Joseph Grounds Campus Operations 10/31/2017
Butcher, William A. Geology 09/30/2017
Butler, Jeremy Michael Book Depository 06/30/2017
Butler, Kyle N. ITS 07/31/2017
Bywalec , Kevin Joesph Campus Operations Grounds Mainatence 08/31/2017
Cameron, Douglas Dean WBGU-TV 09/30/2017
Cameron, Megan Lynne Campus Operations - Grounds Department 01/31/2018
Campbell, Michael Public Safety 04/30/2017
Cappellini, Owen A. WBGU-TV 02/28/2018
Carlin, Kyle Brandon NWORBD 03/31/2017
Carpenter, Andrew David WBGU-TV 06/30/2017
Carper, Chad BGSU Dining 02/28/2017
Carr, William Michael Bookstore 02/28/2017
Carr, William Michael Textbook Services 02/28/2018
Carty, Gloria Ann Campus Operations 07/31/2017
Carver, Terry Elyse Recreation and Wellness 05/31/2017
Case, Marie Adele Athletics 01/31/2018
Castillo, Thomas Javier THFM 09/30/2017
Casto, Patrick Eugene Biological Sciences 12/31/2017
Chafee, Cheryl Lynn BGSU Firelands 09/30/2017
Chamberland, Josh Adam Office of Campus Sustainability 08/31/2017
Champine, Kyle Matthew Shuttle service 09/30/2017
Chapman, Rachel Elizabeth Kathryn Environmental science 08/31/2017
Chappuis, Scott Owen BGSU Forensics 07/31/2017
Charville, Mark R. Firelands - Budget & Operations 03/31/2017
Childers, Ashley Biological Sciences 04/30/2017
Cipriani, Holly Pre-College Programs-BGSU 12/31/2017
Claar, Rachel Katherine Athletics 08/31/2017
Clark, Chad Michael Athletics Marketing 08/31/2017
Clark, Connor Lee Bowling Green State University Police 01/31/2018
Clark, Jessica Lynn Biological Sciences 11/30/2017
Claussen, Alex John North West Ohio Book Depository 06/30/2017
Clements, Travis M. Center for Community and Civic Engagement 07/31/2017
Coates, Elisabeth common good 10/31/2017
Codding, Charles Lee Cheminstry 09/30/2017
Coffey, Kelcie A. Center for Community and Civic Engagement 10/31/2017
Coffield, Darin Richard Campus Operations 07/31/2017
Coffield, Jean A. Postal Services 02/28/2017
Colvin, Wayne Scott BGSU 05/31/2017
Combs, Ross Carrigan Environment and Sustainability 02/28/2017
Comstock, Hunter Wesley grounds 04/30/2017
Conly, Matthew Karl Athletics 03/31/2017
Conrad, Michael Stanley ITS 08/31/2017
Cook, Thomas M. Shuttle 08/31/2017
Coppes, Danielle L. Athletics-Sports Medicine 09/30/2017
Coppola, Vincent Jesse Psychology 09/30/2017
Core, Tyler Jay Grounds 04/30/2017
Cortez, Dameion Riley campus services 08/31/2017
Cory, Leland D. Electric Shop 09/30/2017
Cotter, Zachary Michael Kramer Geology Department 09/30/2017
Coulson, Robert Dean Police Department 06/30/2017
Cousin, Bryce Chistopher WBGU-TV 05/31/2017
Cozzie, Susan BGSU Firelands Bookstore 06/30/2017
Craig, Kelsey Elaine Bookstore / Textbook Services 08/31/2017
Cramer, Nancy Fine Arts Department 03/31/2017
Crawford, Patricia Ann Alumni & Development 04/30/2017
Crespo, Jeremiah BGSU Dining/ Chartwells 02/28/2018
Crespo, Jeremiah Carillon Place Dining Hall 02/28/2017
Crimmins, Eric John ITS 05/31/2017
Crum, Emily Grace ITS 11/30/2017
Cryan, Sara K. Design and Construction 04/30/2017
Cuckler, Gabriel Edward Dining services/catering 06/30/2017
Cui, Wenda School of Teaching and Learning 02/28/2017
Cummings, Thomas Patrick WBGU-TV 06/30/2017
Czap, Lindsay Nicole Mathematics and Statistics 09/30/2017
d'Hyver de Las Deses de Juilla, Fernando Information Technology Service 03/31/2017
Dabney, Gerry Ann firelands budget &operations 03/31/2017
Dachik, James P. Theatre and Film 09/30/2017
Dackin, Katelyn Renee Stroh Center 02/28/2018
Dackin, Mary Elizabeth Stroh Center 01/31/2018
Dai, Zehui International Programs and Partnerships 07/31/2017
Dailey, Katharine King Firelands/Dean's Office 07/31/2017
Dalmacio, Stephanie Women's Tennis 01/31/2018
Dameron, Makayla Renee Parking and Shuttle Services 08/31/2017
Dandar, Elias Campus Operations 06/30/2017
Daneker, Benjamin Paul Campus Operations 01/31/2018
Daniels, Tasia Lin NWORBD 01/31/2018
Darke, Ann Marie Department of Mathematics and Statistics 08/31/2017
Davies, Jeremy L. Public safety 04/30/2017
Davis, Amy Lyn Conference & Event Services 08/31/2017
Davis, Bethanie Marie Parking Services 08/31/2017
Davis, Jeremy Carl ITS 04/30/2017
Davis, Kevin Lee Athletics Department - Athletic Communications 03/31/2017
Davis, Paula M. University Advancement/BGSU Fdtn 04/30/2017
De Silva, Dilum . NSS 02/28/2018
DE SILVA, Dilum P NSS 02/28/2017
Decker, Alexis Danielle Classroom Technology Services 09/30/2017
Decker, Joseph Arthur ITS/CTS 09/30/2017
Deehr, Christina Jeanette Environment and Sustainability 08/31/2017
DeFazio, Tracy Michelle Office of Educational Outreach 06/30/2017
Deguzman, Mariah Renee Arts Village Learning Community 12/31/2017
Deguzman, Mariah Renee Arts Village Learning Community 08/31/2017
Delpiombo, Alexandria Womens Volleyball 02/28/2017
DelPiombo, Alexandria Volleyball 02/28/2017
DelPiombo , Alexandria Atheltics-Volleyball 02/28/2018
DeNardo, Faith Ann Recreation and Wellness 10/31/2017
Depinet, Andrea Elizabeth Campus Operations 06/30/2017
DeSantis, Nicholas Drake ENVS 3100 08/31/2017
Deyhle, Janna ICA-Sports Medicine 01/31/2018
Dick, Jeremy Environmental Health and Safety 04/30/2017
Dickey, Garrett Bailey Grounds 04/30/2017
Dickman, Craig Campus Operations 10/31/2017
Dickson, Austin Tyler Parking Services 11/30/2017
Diehl, Kerry Admissions 08/31/2017
Dieterich, Katherine J. Police Department 02/28/2017
Dieterich, Katherine Jeanne Police Department 02/28/2018
Dietz, Jennifer L. Falcon Outfitters 08/31/2017
Diller, Cynthia Susan Postal Services 01/31/2018
DiModica, Corey Daniel Police Department 04/30/2017
Diver, Lucas The Bookstore 02/28/2018
Dix, Joshua Robert Police Department 04/30/2017
Dodgson, Ariel Lyn CCCE 11/30/2017
Doster, Hank W. VCT 02/28/2017
Doster, Jordan T. grounds 04/30/2017
Dotson, Anthony E. Police Department 02/28/2018
Dotson, Anthony Earl Police Department 02/28/2017
Dotson, Monique Postal Services 08/31/2017
Douglas, Quiana Marie Marine Biology 04/30/2017
Downs, Sadie Office of Residence Life 09/30/2017
Drabek, Edward Anthony Grounds 07/31/2017
Dreier, Jane Center for Community and Civic Engagement 09/30/2017
DuBois, Ryan Art 04/30/2017
Dudley, Tina Marie campus operation 07/31/2017
Dunn, Zachary Stephen grounds 04/30/2017
Duntley, Madeline Sociology 04/30/2017
Dyer, Jeffrey D. Men's Basketball 09/30/2017
Dykstra, Laura L. Geology 08/31/2017
Echler, Diana Jean Dining Services 06/30/2017
Echler, Doyle Jay Dining Services 03/31/2017
Edmondson, Michkayla Ranaye BGSU Parking Services 08/31/2017
Edwards, Dave D. Biological Sciences 11/30/2017
Ehlers, Colby Campus Operations 02/28/2017
Ehlers, Colby M. Campus OPs 02/28/2017
Ehlers, Colby Michael Campus operations 02/28/2018
Eicher, Emily Lauren Grounds 06/30/2017
El-Azar, Jorge Residence Life 07/31/2017
Eldridge, Nathen Allen International Programs and Partnerships 04/30/2017
Ellerbush, Gretchen Shuttle Service 05/31/2017
Ellinger, Dana Marie Capital Planning 05/31/2017
Ellison, Michael Bruce Department of Theatre and Film 12/31/2017
Elwazani, Salim Architecture & Env. Design 08/31/2017
Emerson, Tod E. Center for Community and Civic Engagement 09/30/2017
Engel, Ethan James Recreation & Wellness 09/30/2017
Engle, Trevor L. Office of Service-Learning 02/28/2017
Enright, Patrick ITS 12/31/2017
Ense, Matthew Christian Athletics 09/30/2017
Erdogmus, Abdullah Can International Programs and Partnerships 07/31/2017
Erhart, Brandon James ITS/CTS 09/30/2017
Etzkorn, Katrina R. Postal Services 05/31/2017
Evans, Cody Lee ENVS 3100 09/30/2017
Evans, James Erwin Geology/SEES 08/31/2017
Eynon, Tess R. Campus Ops 10/31/2017
Farrell, Kevin S. Men's Golf 03/31/2017
Farrell, Michael J. grounds 04/30/2017
Fenner, Alan Christopher Visual Communication Technology 02/28/2018
Ferback, Kevin Wade Budget/ Operations 03/31/2017
Ferguson , Chase W Stroh Center 01/31/2018
Ferrante, Dominic James WBGU-TV 02/28/2018
Fillis, Drew Madison Athletics- Sports Medicine 09/30/2017
Fink, Joshua Lee Chartwells 03/31/2017
Finkeldey, Jessica Grace Office of Service Learning 02/28/2017
Fintel, Rose Lynn campus operations 08/31/2017
Firsdon, Jacob Campus Operations 09/30/2017
Firsdon, Lori Ann Design and Construction 03/31/2017
Firsdon, Lori Ann Office of the Dean of Students 08/31/2017
Fischer, Daniel ICA-Sports Medicine 08/31/2017
Fisher, Alyssa Noelle Media & Communications/ Forensics and Debate team 08/31/2017
Fisher, Andrea Michele Biological Sciences/ McCluney Lab 10/31/2017
Fleshman, Skyler Fielding Information Technology Services 12/31/2017
Flowers, Abbey Campus Services 06/30/2017
Flowers, Amy Caroline Capital Planning 04/30/2017
Folarin, Olanrewaju Samuel political science 03/31/2017
Fontaine, Claudia S. Center for Community and Civic Engagement 12/31/2017
Fontaine, Claudia Stephanie Higher Education and Student Affairs (HESA) 03/31/2017
Ford, Tasha Health & Human Services/Social Work 09/30/2017
Foreman, Abigail M. Outtakes 11/30/2017
Forstater, Erica Lynn Biological Sciences 08/31/2017
Forsthoefel, Brandon Shuttle service 11/30/2017
Fortlage, Andrew Design and Construction 01/31/2018
Fouche, Shawntrell Mariann athletics 09/30/2017
Fox, Anthony R. BTSU 03/31/2017
Francisco, Laura E. Print Society 03/31/2017
Frankina, James Jay SCMA 01/31/2018
Franklin, Jaida Lynn NAACP 11/30/2017
Frey, Rebekah Lynn Parking Services 08/31/2017
Fu, Yuning School of Earth, Environment and Society 05/31/2017
Fumich, Nicholas michael bgsu dining 11/30/2017
Gacsal, Kathleen Rose Dining Services 03/31/2017
Gadiraju, Bharat grounds 04/30/2017
Gambone, Lauren Jean Athletics 09/30/2017
Gangwer, Bob Campus Operations 09/30/2017
Gardner, Christina Haley WBGU 09/30/2017
Garrett Ruffin, Sherona Deline Psychology/Chapman Community 08/31/2017
Garskie, John J. Information Technology Services 06/30/2017
Gebauer, Jodi Lynn Barnes Information Technology Services 07/31/2017
Geib, Logan Paul Shuttle service 01/31/2018
George, Bullerjahn Shepley Biological Sciences 09/30/2017
Gerhardt, Angela Marie Campus Operations 03/31/2017
Gerken, Daniel Allen WBGU-TV 08/31/2017
Ghaffari, Sara Philosophy 12/31/2017
Ghazviniabhari, Sara NWORBD 05/31/2017
Gildon, James Athletics 08/31/2017
Gillingham, Justin NWORBD 06/30/2017
Gilmore, David Lee Humanities 02/28/2018
Gilmore, David Lee Humanities 02/28/2017
Gloor, Tia Michelle School of Teaching and Learning 02/28/2018
Glusich, Nathaniel John Sport Marketing 10/31/2017
Gochenour, Lynne Marie Capital Planning 12/31/2017
Godfrey, Kellan James BGSU Athletics 09/30/2017
Goedde, Matthew Ronald ITS 02/28/2018
Gomezdelcampo, Enrique Department of Environment and Sustainability 09/30/2017
Gonyer, Howard A. Educators in Context and Community 09/30/2017
Goodman, Joseph L. WBGU 09/30/2017
Goodrich, Kenneth John Athletics / Strength & Conditioning 03/31/2017
Gorsevski, Peter SEES 08/31/2017
Graening, Cody S. Dining 12/31/2017
Grant, Andrew Business Operations/BGSU 09/30/2017
Green-Churchwell, Brigitte L. Firelands/Teaching and Learning Center 04/30/2017
Greenawalt, Chloe Ann Center for Community and Civic Engagement 02/28/2018
Gregory , Andrew John SEES 08/31/2017
Greywacz, McKenna Rose Parking Services 08/31/2017
Gross, Laura Information Technology Services 11/30/2017
Grothaus, Kerri ICA Sports Medicine 09/30/2017
Grulke, Jennifer Judith Office of Residence Life 08/31/2017
Gump, Donald E. Campus Operation 04/30/2017
Gunner, Emily Kathleen Office of Admissions 03/31/2017
Gutcher, Nathan Bradley Grounds 07/31/2017
Guzman, Joel ITS 11/30/2017
Gwozdz, Kenny kgwozdz@bgsu.edu 11/30/2017
Hackworth, Donna M. Campus Operations 02/28/2017
Hafer, Kristin Dorothy Design & Construction 06/30/2017
Hakim, Malik Rashad NWORBD 05/31/2017
Hall, Gregory Theatre/Film 08/31/2017
Hall, Matthew Allen Campus Operations Grounds 09/30/2017
Halverstadt, Brittany Ann Psychology Dept 09/30/2017
Hambleton, Jordyn Ashley Bowling Green Alternative Breaks 03/31/2017
Hamilton, Duane Lee Campus Operations 06/30/2017
Hammond, Ben ITS 10/31/2017
Hammond, Kelsey M. Firelands Student Services 06/30/2017
Harrell, Uriah Honors Scholars 03/31/2017
Harrigan, Kristen Marie Biological Science 05/31/2017
Harrison, Marcus WBGU-TV 03/31/2017
Harrison, Spintz Stiles Chapman Learning Community 05/31/2017
Hartley, Dalton Coburn grounds 04/30/2017
Hartman, Joel Daniel Recreation and Wellness 05/31/2017
Hartman, Lucas Shuttle Service 10/31/2017
Harwood, John Joseph Grounds 08/31/2017
Hasenfratz, Elizabeth Ann Design and Construction 04/30/2017
Haugh, Andrew Stephen Department of Environment and Sustainability 09/30/2017
Haun, Jacob Residence Life 06/30/2017
Hawkins, Matthew Paul ITS 08/31/2017
Hawley, Edward J. Shuttle 08/31/2017
Hayden, Heather Dawn BGSU Dining 06/30/2017
Haynes, Bennie M. Firelands 08/31/2017
Haynes, June A. Humanities 12/31/2017
Heape Bell, JW Anthony Design and Construction 05/31/2017
Heilmeier, Erin Leigh Admissions 08/31/2017
Heinze, Karen E. Campus Operations 06/30/2017
Hendershott, Tennyson W 02/28/2018
Hennessy, Nicholas J. Campus Operations 07/31/2017
Henning, Mark A. wbgut-tv 09/30/2017
Henry, Dylan Michael Athletics 03/31/2017
Hensley, Nathan Stewart Department of the Environment & Sustainability 09/30/2017
Hernandez, Johnnie Dining 01/31/2018
Herzog, Katherine Lynn Biological Sciences 07/31/2017
Hess, Christine Biological Sciences 07/31/2017
Hester, Mark DANIEL Campus Operations 09/30/2017
Hetrick, Rachel Elizabeth Dining Services 05/31/2017
Hicks, Jocelyn Lorene Geology 08/31/2017
Hilkey, Cassidy Allen Michael Shuttle Service 08/31/2017
Hill, Derrick Joseph BGSU PD 04/30/2017
Hill Jr., Carl Electrical/Mechanical 04/30/2017
Hirman, Matthew Roland Center for Community & Civic Engagement 09/30/2017
Hoehn, Patrick J. Campus Operations 02/28/2018
Hoehn, Patrick J. Plumbing Shop/Campus Operations 02/28/2017
Hoepf, Timothy M. Dining Services 07/31/2017
Hofacker, Keith William College of Musical Arts 09/30/2017
Hofacker, Robin Anita BGSU Dining 08/31/2017
Hoffman, Jourdan grounds 04/30/2017
Holden, Brett Edward Theatre and Film 10/31/2017
Hollifield, Michael Golf Course 02/28/2017
Hollinger, David C. Recreation and Wellness 09/30/2017
Honneffer, Frederick Nathan Center for Archival Collections 04/30/2017
Horine, Shelley Lynn Police Dept. 04/30/2017
Hosler, Andrew J. Shipping and Receiving 05/31/2017
House, Erin Marie Nontraditional & Military Student Services 08/31/2017
Houtz, Jacob C. Information Technology Services 03/31/2017
Howell, Leah Office of Campus Activities 01/31/2018
Hubbell-Staeble, Dawn Denise GSW/ECCO 02/28/2017
Huff, Debra Sue Bookstore 02/28/2017
Huff, Debra Sue Bookstore 02/28/2018
Huffer, Ben J. WBGU-TV 05/31/2017
Huger, Michael Anthony Athletics 09/30/2017
Hughes, Christopher C. Athletics 03/31/2017
Hundley, Alexis Katherine Athletics 09/30/2017
Hursh, Nathaniel A. WBGU-TV 01/31/2018
Huyghe, Bess Ann Risk Management 01/31/2018
Hyre, Shelby Lynn Stroh Center 01/31/2018
Ihekoronye, Starr Love BGSU Dining 05/31/2017
Ivey, Jessica Patrice Athletics/WBB 09/30/2017
Jackson, Ashley Renae WBGU-TV 08/31/2017
Jackson, Daniel BGSU Bookstore 05/31/2017
Jackson, Sophia Simone Academic & Student Services 03/31/2017
Jacobs, Alex Quinn Honors Scholars 04/30/2017
Jaeb, Whitney Lena Parking Services 08/31/2017
Jaiteh, Abdoulie ITS 11/30/2017
Jallad, Britney Lorane Police Department 08/31/2017
James, Jessica Renee Information Technology Services 11/30/2017
James, Joshua S. Information Technoloy Services 04/30/2017
James, Timothy S. Police 08/31/2017
Janik, David Allan Office of the Provost 08/31/2017
Janik, David Allan Provost Office 09/30/2017
Janusziewicz, Jason Robert Office of Residence Life 05/31/2017
Jasti, Mohan krishna Grounds 04/30/2017
Jenkins, Shantrell Denise Residence Life 07/31/2017
Jensen, Gregory Department of the Enviornment and Sustainability 11/30/2017
Jess, Scott K. Athletics 03/31/2017
Jeter, Trinidy Student and Campus Activities 05/31/2017
Jinks, Michael T. Football 03/31/2017
Johnson, Jaimie Lynn Biology 08/31/2017
Johnson, Nadia Kadijiah Fine Arts 09/30/2017
Johnson, Nicholas James Campus Operations 12/31/2017
Johnson, Seth Eric ENVS 3100 11/30/2017
Johnson-Webb, Karen Denise Geography Department 09/30/2017
Jones, Tegan William WBGU-TV 02/28/2017
Jones , Ryan Fine Arts Department 04/30/2017
Jorgensen, Jennifer Lea Athletic Communications 09/30/2017
Joseph, Jeremy Allan The Learning Commons 09/30/2017
Jung, Zach Center for Leadership 08/31/2017
Jurcak, Ana Maria Biological sciences 10/31/2017
Kaeppner, Alec ENVS 3100 08/31/2017
Kanwischer, Edmond Charles School of Art 02/28/2018
Kappler, Anthony A. Photo Club 03/31/2017
Kaptur, Cassandra Marie SCMA 09/30/2017
Karches, Jennifer WBGU-TV 09/30/2017
Kardok, Ryan Men's Basketball 09/30/2017
Kauppila, Elizabeth Grace ITS 05/31/2017
Kauppila, Rachel Lynn ITS 12/31/2017
Keckler, Zane David Campus Operations/Recycling Crew 09/30/2017
Keefe, Matthew Public Safety 01/31/2018
Keegan, Cody Daniel Budge and Operations 11/30/2017
Keegan, Erin Edward Campus Operations 02/28/2017
Keegan, Erin Edward Campus Operations 02/28/2018
Kelley, Daniel Firelands College 10/31/2017
Kelly, Chris David BGSU Bookstore 09/30/2017
Kelly, Thomas J. Campus Operations / Campus Services 10/31/2017
Kemp, Christopher M. Biological Sciences 08/31/2017
Kendall, Stephen N. WBGU-TV 02/28/2018
Kendall, Stephen Neil WBGU-TV 02/28/2017
Kent, Nicole Schwan Marine Biology 04/30/2017
Kern, Zachary Grounds Campus Operations 08/31/2017
Kerr, Derek Ryan Navajo Reservation Trip 02/28/2018
Khakzad, Ramin ITS 05/31/2017
Khan, Patrick M. Center for Community and Civic Engagement 09/30/2017
Kiehl, Paula R. Campus Operations 03/31/2017
Kimbrough, Brandi Monet BGSU Office of Admissions 07/31/2017
Kindell, Collin David BGBookstore Shipping & Receiving 08/31/2017
Kingseed, Madison Elizabeth Environment & Sustainability 08/31/2017
Kirby, Cory Athletics 03/31/2017
Kirkum Jr, James E. ITS 07/31/2017
Kizhakethalackal, Elsy Thomas Applied Sciences,BGSU Firelands 05/31/2017
Kleinknecht, Justin Michael Grounds 08/31/2017
Klohn, Leonard Emerson firelands-budget&operations 03/31/2017
Knackstedt, Kathryn Ann Biology 08/31/2017
Knavel, Jason M. Athletics 09/30/2017
Knudsen, Joshua D. Dining Services 07/31/2017
Koester, Phillip C Diving Coach 07/31/2017
Koestr, Phillip Carl Athletics 10/31/2017
Kolschetzky, Kory Michael SCMA 09/30/2017
Konecny, Lise' L. Campus Operations 06/30/2017
Konrad, Laurie DeAnn BGSU Dining 05/31/2017
Kontos, Victoria A. Admissions & Financial Aid 04/30/2017
Koralewski, Joseph E. Kappa Sigma 09/30/2017
Korbas, Kody J. Shuttle Service 08/31/2017
Kostenko, Kyle James Postal Services 05/31/2017
Krontz, Karen A. Postal Services 12/31/2017
Kross, Reed Taylor Stroh Center 01/31/2018
Krull, David John Department of the Environment & Sustainability 08/31/2017
Kruse, Penny Sue CMA Music Performance Studies 08/31/2017
Kubis Casagrande, Ivi intrercollegiate 08/31/2017
Kuhlman, Megan Lynne Police Department 10/31/2017
Kurtz, Andrew BGSU Firelands Dean's Office 06/30/2017
Lachat, Elizabeth Ann ITS 05/31/2017
Lacinak, Andrew M. Grounds 05/31/2017
Lahey, Adam J. Society of Physics Students 03/31/2017
Lambert, Malissa RecWell 12/31/2017
Lambert, Thomas Dennis Dinning 03/31/2017
Lamorelle, Eric J. Roots Music Club 06/30/2017
Laneville, Michael Warren Geology 08/31/2017
Lang, Diane Sue dining services 07/31/2017
Langendorfer, Stephen J. School of HMSLS 07/31/2017
Lanning, Amy Athletics 09/30/2017
Larson, Matt Geology 08/31/2017
Lash, Terrance Douglas Postal Services 03/31/2017
Lassey, Alyssa Kaye Sports Medicine 01/31/2018
Lawrence , Matthew James Parking services 08/31/2017
Lawrie, Joshua David Office of Residence Life 05/31/2017
Layne, Gary D. Recreation and Wellness 11/30/2017
Leachman, Maya C. Center for Community and Civic Engagement 01/31/2018
Leatherman, Sheri L. Graduate College 08/31/2017
Leck, Lona M. Recreation and Wellness 09/30/2017
Leckey, Gage Lee ITS 02/28/2017
Leckey, Gage Lee ITS 02/28/2018
Lemmerbrock, Daniel W. Design & Construction 01/31/2018
Lemming, Jacob George Grounds 05/31/2017
Lewis, Nikita Lynn Visual Communication Technology 02/28/2017
Li, Yihui ECCO 03/31/2017
Libs, Mark Intercollegiate Athletics 05/31/2017
Lindesmith, Shelbi Ann Center for Community and Civic Engagement 01/31/2018
Line, Joanna Marie Johnson Athletics 10/31/2017
Lingle, Nicole Lynn Classroom Technology Services 12/31/2017
Linsky, David Outdoor Program 04/30/2017
Litteral, Kaitlynn Mae Admissions 09/30/2017
Little, Justin Michael Technology Support Services 11/30/2017
Liu, Ganming School of Earth, Environment and Society 08/31/2017
Liu, Yu education and human movement college 11/30/2017
Lizzi, Scott A. Budget and Operations 07/31/2017
Lockemeyer , Alexander David Athletics 03/31/2017
Loescher, Jennifer Ann BGSU PD 08/31/2017
Logsdon, Daniel Joseph Campus Operations 08/31/2017
Long, Claire Marie Athletics 09/30/2017
Longmire, Stephanie Fine Arts 04/30/2017
Love, Jeremy Andrew Grounds 07/31/2017
Loy, Erik Shuttle Service 11/30/2017
Lucio, Deborah Cairl University Bookstore 02/28/2017
Luidhardt, Jon Jacob police 04/30/2017
Lumbrezer, Marissa Jean Center for Community and Civic Engagement 01/31/2018
Lynch, Andrew T. ITS 06/30/2017
Lyons, Matthew P. Chartwells 10/31/2017
Mack, Shellie M. Police Departmant 04/30/2017
Malcolm, Mark Equipment 03/31/2017
Maley, David R. BGSU Dining 02/28/2017
Manavalan, Manoj Grounds 04/30/2017
Mangan, Daniel s. Theater and Film 01/31/2018
Mangan, Kelly Ann Theatre and Film 08/31/2017
Maniak, Jacob Michael Photography/Photo Club 03/31/2017
Maniak, Jacob Michael Shuttle Service 12/31/2017
Mapus, Chad Police 04/30/2017
Mariani, Jarod michael Theatre/film 08/31/2017
Marshall, Cody Enviro and Sustainability 05/31/2017
Marshall, Melanie Marie Life Sciences 10/31/2017
Marsman, Jordan Daniel grounds 04/30/2017
Martinez, Antonio Bartolo BGSU Dining 03/31/2017
Mason, Jessica Ann Dining/Catering 12/31/2017
Mason, Robert T. Parking Services 02/28/2017
Mason, Robert Todd Parking Services 02/28/2018
Mathis, Michele Marie Center for community and civic engagement 03/31/2017
Matthews, Henry Ramsey WBGU-TV 12/31/2017
Matthews, Russell Bowling Green State University 06/30/2017
Mattingly, Scott Nathaniel Dining Services 06/30/2017
Mauter, Christopher ITS 08/31/2017
May, Tamara Jo Natural and Social Sciences 03/31/2017
Mays, Patricia Jean Firelands Dean's Office 06/30/2017
McAuley, Katherine Denise School of Arts (2 Dimensional Arts Association) 09/30/2017
McCartney, Brandon Honors College 12/31/2017
McCartney, Brandon C. Honors College 09/30/2017
Mccartney , Paxton bg Alternative Breaks 10/31/2017
McComas, Sue Ellen Humanities/Firelands 08/31/2017
McCray, Maxwell campus opperations 02/28/2018
McCruter, David Cayett Grounds 04/30/2017
McCurdy, Zachary John WBGU-TV 02/28/2018
McDonald, Cian Conleth Intercollegiate Athletics 08/31/2017
McGinley, Tracy G. Firelands/Natural & Social Science/CRJU 06/30/2017
McGraw, Brooke G Office of Budget & Operations 10/31/2017
McGuire, Jessica L. Geology 08/31/2017
McIntosh, Jacqueline S. Firelands Teaching and Learning Center 03/31/2017
McKay, Robert Michael Biological Sciences 08/31/2017
McKenney, Nia Ciahn NWORBD 05/31/2017
McKnight, Christian Cole Outdoor Program 04/30/2017
McLean, Jaclyn E. Natural and Social Sciences 11/30/2017
McManamon, Kelly Elaine WBGU-TV 02/28/2017
McMenamin, Collin Scott BGSU Police department 01/31/2018
McMillen, Kennedy E. BGSU Bookstore 09/30/2017
McPhillips Jr, Michael James Ice Arena 03/31/2017
Meehan, Ashley BGSU Honors College 09/30/2017
Meinking, Anthony Joseph grounds 04/30/2017
Melaragno, Salvatore James WBGU-TV 06/30/2017
Mencer, Sandra Jo SECC 10/31/2017
Mertz, David Geology 08/31/2017
Metzner, Gabrielle K A Biological Sciences 05/31/2017
Meyer, Bruce A. Campus Operations 06/30/2017
Meyer, Daniel Bradley Intercollegiate Athletics 03/31/2017
Meyer, Kelsey Lynn Undergraduate Advising and Academic Services 12/31/2017
Michaels, Helen Judith Biological Sciences 08/31/2017
Michaels, John Q. Grounds Campus Operations 09/30/2017
Midden, William Robert NWO/COSMOS 01/31/2018
Miesmer, Darcy M. Dining Services 10/31/2017
Miglietti, Cynthia Applied Sciences/Firealnds 08/31/2017
Miller, Mark D. campus operations maintenance 11/30/2017
Miller, Michael Steven Dining Services 02/28/2017
Miller, Shawn Public Safety 04/30/2017
Miller, Zachary Lyle Postal Services 08/31/2017
Milligan, Aubrey Mae Grounds Campus Operations 08/31/2017
Min, Hanyi Psychology 06/30/2017
Miner, Jeffrey Gibson Biological Sciences 10/31/2017
Mitchell, Adriann Jessica Campus Operations 07/31/2017
Mitchell, Jordan Harrison ITS 01/31/2018
Moeger, Thomas Ryan WBGU-TV 10/31/2017
Monterosso, Michaela Noel School Of Art 02/28/2018
Moore, Nicholas K. Basketball-Women 06/30/2017
Moore, Paul A. Bowling Green State University 09/30/2017
Moreno, Juan F. grounds 04/30/2017
Morgenstern, Kali E. Recreation and Wellness 02/28/2017
Morningstar, Scott James grounds 03/31/2017
Morsey, Peter S. Parking Services 11/30/2017
Mostafa, Ahmed Soliman School of Teaching & Learning 10/31/2017
Mudigonda, Karthik Grounds 04/30/2017
Mueller, Mikayla B. Outdoor Program 04/30/2017
Murillo, Sarah A. BGSU Dining 09/30/2017
Murlin, Michele Lyn Dunkin Donuts 08/31/2017
Murray, Meghan WBGU-TV 09/30/2017
Musal, Jacob William Fine Arts Department 04/30/2017
Mutchler, Connor William Campus Operations 08/31/2017
Myers, Clay Dennis BGSU Police Department 08/31/2017
Myers, Holly J. Environment & Sustainability 09/30/2017
Naas, Scott Anthony Shuttle Service 02/28/2018
Naas, Scott Anthony Shuttle Services 02/28/2017
Naderer, Marsha Ellen Nursing/Firelands 08/31/2017
Nagel, Beth A. Purchasing 09/30/2017
Nagel, David Erik Athletics/Ice Arena 03/31/2017
Narapusetty, Shanmukha Sai Campus Operations 08/31/2017
Natochy , Liana Beth Recreation and Wellness/Student Wellness Network 10/31/2017
Neal, Alexandra Biological Sciences 11/30/2017
Negron, Efrain BGSU Volleyball 02/28/2018
Negron, Efrain A. Volleyball- Athletics 03/31/2017
Negron, Efrain Alejandro Athletics/Volleyball Program 03/31/2017
Nekoranec, Douglas plumbing shop 07/31/2017
Nelsen, Bailee Nicole Capital Planning 04/30/2017
Nelson, Daniel Stephem Information Technology Services 12/31/2017
Nelson, Jeffrey D. Falcon Outfitters/Bookstore 06/30/2017
Nelson, Patrick Anthony Student Unio/C&ES 05/31/2017
Nemire, Mark Robert Police 04/30/2017
Nesnidol, Samantha Psychology 06/30/2017
Neubert, Jacob Matthew Information Technology Services 05/31/2017
Newlove, Tia S. University Activities Organization 04/30/2017
Newman, Autumn R. Center for Civic Community and Engagment 02/28/2018
Nichter, Ashlee N. SEES 09/30/2017
Nieschwitz, Michaela Gabriellee Grounds Campus Operations 10/31/2017
Niese, Morgan Nichole Stroh Center 01/31/2018
Noel, Matthew Thomas Information Technology Services 11/30/2017
Normann, Andrew James Information Technology Services 05/31/2017
Norris , Destiny Olivia Fine Arts Department 09/30/2017
Nowakowski, Bryan Campus ops 08/31/2017
Nowakowski, Katie Nicole Grounds Campus Operations 08/31/2017
Nyce, Martha C Moncada Honors College 09/30/2017
O'Dorisio, Joel T. Arts Village Learning Community 10/31/2017
Ohalloran, Michael N. Parking Services 08/31/2017
Oleniacz, Brooke Mercedes Marine Biology 05/31/2017
Oler, Pamela S. Bookstore 02/28/2017
Orton, Ciera Nicole School of Teaching and Learning 10/31/2017
Osterling, Karen Janine BGSU Firelands Office of the Dean 09/30/2017
Overbey, Lucinda Clara ECCO 04/30/2017
Overholt, Steven Ellis University Bookstore 11/30/2017
Palazzo, Leah Recreation and Wellness 04/30/2017
Pall, Ryan Douglass Athletics 03/31/2017
Panter, Kurt Samuel Geology 08/31/2017
Papp, Paul C. Building Opps. 08/31/2017
Paredes, Alfredo Campus Operations 04/30/2017
Partin, Matthew Lee Biological Sciences 03/31/2017
Partin , Ambre Nicole Marine biology 04/30/2017
Passafiume, Anne Catherine Parking Services 08/31/2017
Patil, Shivam Mohan BGSU Dining 06/30/2017
Paxton, Darla Campus Services 06/30/2017
Payne, Benjamin C. ITS 12/31/2017
Payne, Raven Raychelle Shuttle Service 10/31/2017
Pea, Clayton J. Common Good 09/30/2017
Pearcy, Christopher Keith Police 04/30/2017
Peavler, Misty Dawn ITS 02/28/2018
Peavler, Misty Dawn School of Earth Environment and Society 02/28/2018
Pelini, Shannon Lynn Biological SCiences 01/31/2018
Peltz, David Joseph firelands 07/31/2017
Pena, Rick Anthony Budget & Operations 06/30/2017
Peralez, Linda Mae WBGU-TV 05/31/2017
Perkins, Daryl Eugene Office of Admissions 06/30/2017
Perry, Christina Laurel NWORBD 06/30/2017
Perry, Karen Kay Dining Service 06/30/2017
Peterson JR, Steven Tyrone ITS 04/30/2017
Phillips, Joseph Office of Design and Construction 08/31/2017
Phuntumart, Vipaporn Biological Sciences 04/30/2017
Piedmonte, Matthew Thomas Grounds Campus Operations 08/31/2017
Piedmonte, Matthew Thomas SCMA 09/30/2017
Pike, Matthew Jacob Parking Services 01/31/2018
Pinchak, Nicolo Paul ECCO 02/28/2018
Planthaber, Amy Jo Ward Firelands College-Academic Advising 04/30/2017
Plath, Debra A. BGSU Dining 05/31/2017
Plenzler, Alissa Leigh Arts Village 11/30/2017
Poca, Julia K. Men's Golf 03/31/2017
Pogacar, Timothy GREAL 10/31/2017
Pogan, Brett Capital Planning 06/30/2017
Polin, Daniel Keith BGSU Police 04/30/2017
Potucek, Mark Geology 08/31/2017
Potvin, Christopher Mathematics & Statistics 09/30/2017
Price, Alexander Donald Grounds 05/31/2017
Priehs, Abby J. Office of Residence Life 07/31/2017
Pruitt, Mikayla Ann Athletic Training/Sports Medicine 07/31/2017
Puder, Carol M. Applied Sciences 08/31/2017
Puffenberger, Amy L. Environmental Studies (ENVS 4200) 03/31/2017
Purpura, Nicholas J. Clay Club 02/28/2017
Queen, Steven Wilson Life Sciences 08/31/2017
Quetschke, Brandon Henry Grounds 04/30/2017
Radde, Jaid Olivia Postal Services 01/31/2018
Radigan, Molly Elizabeth grounds 06/30/2017
Rapchak, Victoria Rose Department of Theatre and Film 08/31/2017
Reagan, Kelland Carlson Shuttle Services 03/31/2017
Reardanz, Timothy Roger Office of Residence Life 01/31/2018
Reed, Eric David Athletics- Men's Soccer 07/31/2017
Reed, Jerry Lee Postal Services 12/31/2017
Reed, Tyler Chase Postal Services 02/28/2017
Reed-Jones, Inglish Jacobi Fine Arts Department 09/30/2017
Reeder, Caitlyn Nichole Honors Scholars 04/30/2017
Reid, Aimee Sue Theatre and Film 02/28/2017
Reid , Caley Center for Community and Civic Engagement 01/31/2018
Reindel, Jenna Leigh Geology 05/31/2017
Reineck, Melanie Lynn Student Government 10/31/2017
Reyes, Israel E. Campus Services 04/30/2017
Reynolds, Susan K. Dining 06/30/2017
Reynolds , Kelci Anne Tourism,Leisure and Event Planning 11/30/2017
Rice, David M. Nontraditional and Military Student Services 08/31/2017
Rich, Anthony J. Environment and sustainability 10/31/2017
Rich, Phillip D. Center for Community and Civic Engagement 01/31/2018
Ricketts, Gordon C. School of Art 01/31/2018
Ridgway, Chris D. Fine Arts/Photography 01/31/2018
Riegle, Sandra J. BGSU Dining 02/28/2018
Riegle, Sandra Jill BGSU Dining 02/28/2017
Rife, Michelle L. Dining Services 02/28/2018
Rife, Michelle L. Dining Services 02/28/2017
Riffle, Marissa Jo Dining Services 06/30/2017
Ringheisen, Jamie M. Center for Community and Civic Engagement 01/31/2018
Rios, Esperanza Office of Capital Planning 04/30/2017
Risner, Trevor Postal Services 02/28/2017
Rivera, Joshua E. BGSU Bookstore 05/31/2017
Roark, Roddy C. Applied Sciences/BGSU Firelands 08/31/2017
Robbins, Tahler Morgan Catering 06/30/2017
Roberson, William Capital Planning 04/30/2017
Roberts, Bailey Nicole Athletic Training 08/31/2017
Roberts, Sheila Jo Geology/SEES 08/31/2017
Robertson, Colin BGSU Athletics 08/31/2017
Robertson, Eric James Veterans 05/31/2017
Roby, Brett Daniel Student Construction Management Association 09/30/2017
Rochester, Mark Bowling green alternative breaks 10/31/2017
Rodriguez, Rosendo Campus Operations 02/28/2017
Rogers, Seth Stephen WBGU-TV 02/28/2018
Roos, Jennifer Robin BGSU-Athletics 09/30/2017
Root, Zakkery K. Arts and Sciences 08/31/2017
Rosati, Monique Anita Athletics 05/31/2017
Rosensteel, Jason Martin Grounds 04/30/2017
Rosser, Virginia Jane Center for Community & Civic Engagement 11/30/2017
Roth, Daniel E. Firelands Budget & Operations 06/30/2017
Roth, Justin Dining Services 09/30/2017
Rubel, Matthew John Campus Operations 06/30/2017
Rumschlag, Eric Dustin Campus operations 06/30/2017
Rupert, Jordan J. BGSU Dining 09/30/2017
Rush, Amanda Marie Dining Services 10/31/2017
Saalfeld, Megan ann Geology 04/30/2017
Saar, Anthony Firelands- Advising & Student Services 12/31/2017
Sadoff, Susan E. BGSU Dining 07/31/2017
Salazar-Valentine, Marcia International Programs and Partnerships 08/31/2017
Sapp, Daniel D. Humanities Firelands 08/31/2017
Sauer, Scott Douglas Police / Public Safety 02/28/2017
Sauer, Scott Douglas Police Department 02/28/2018
Savitt, Phillip Andrew Dining Services 09/30/2017
Schaad, James Leslie Grounds Campus Operations 09/30/2017
Schaar, Taylor Nicole College of Education and Human Development 09/30/2017
Schemenauer, frank A. Biological Sciences 08/31/2017
Scherr, Skyler University bookstore 05/31/2017
Schleeter, Jeffrey Steven Information Technology Services 02/28/2017
Schmitz, Chelsie Leigh Postal Services 08/31/2017
Schnurr, Dean David Firelands 01/31/2018
Schoen, Peter James Parking Services 08/31/2017
Schooner, Suzanne Marie Biological Sciences 04/30/2017
Schortgen, Wendy J. Bookstore 02/28/2017
Schroeder, Nicholaus Edwin Stroh Center 01/31/2018
Schuck, Raymond Ignatius Humanities - Firelands 01/31/2018
Schuessler, Michael A. Desig & Construction 10/31/2017
Schultz-Bergin, Marcus Ryan Center for community and civic engagement 02/28/2017
Schultze, Roger Allen Shuttle Service 12/31/2017
Schumacher, Katelyn Irene Biological Sciences 02/28/2018
Schwamberger, Michele A. Football 03/31/2017
Sears, John Adam Information Technology Services 08/31/2017
Seigneur-Harris, Allyson L. ITS 06/30/2017
Selders, Michael Anthony Information Technology Systems 10/31/2017
Selmon, Daisha Denise BGSU Dining 08/31/2017
Semer, Claire Anne Office of Residence Life 07/31/2017
Seo, Dominique C. Political Scirncr 02/28/2018
Serfozo, Emma K. Dining 01/31/2018
Serfozo, Lois Kay Dining Services 02/28/2017
Serfozo, Lois Kay UDS 02/28/2018
Seroka, Laura Anne Communication/Forensics 08/31/2017
Serowik, Sejohn Edward THFM 08/31/2017
Serrato, George C. REC-WELLNESS 01/31/2018
Severns, Alexander Athletics - Stroh Center 09/30/2017
Shadle, Jennifer Ann Theatre and Film 09/30/2017
Shank, Dale J. Biological Sciences 07/31/2017
Shedloski, Alison Jo Computer Art Club 09/30/2017
Shepard, Mary Beth Campus Operations 06/30/2017
Shergalis, Barbara B. Design & Construction 10/31/2017
Sheridan, Curtis A. BGSU SHUTTLE SERVICE 08/31/2017
Sheridan, Katelyn Hope Office of Residence Life 04/30/2017
Shimola, Jennifer Biological Sciences 09/30/2017
Shoemaker, Katherine Mathematics 09/30/2017
Shoola, Toni Nicole CCCE 06/30/2017
Short, Anthony E. WBGU-TV 09/30/2017
Short, Jeffrey Athletics 10/31/2017
Shuey, Michael Lee Energy Management 03/31/2017
Shuman, Thomas D. Information Technology Services 07/31/2017
Sickler, Bradley D. Campus Operations/Carpenter Shop 03/31/2017
Sickler, Jodi L. Capital Planning 09/30/2017
Sickler, Stephanie L. Risk Management 01/31/2018
Silverwood, Glendale Keith Shuttle Services 08/31/2017
Simic, Anita Geology/SEES 09/30/2017
Simmons, Bailey Lynne Two Dimensional Artist Association 03/31/2017
Simon, Marc V. Political Science 11/30/2017
Simon, Tina L. WBGU-TV 09/30/2017
Sindlinger, Hali Nichole Athletics Sports Medicine 03/31/2017
Sinewe, Rebekah Theatre and Film 08/31/2017
Singer, Carol Ann Library Teaching and Learning Department 12/31/2017
Singhaus, Lauren J. Campus Operations 01/31/2018
Slowinski, Jessica Lynn BGSU PD 04/30/2017
Slusher, Samantha Jordan Educators in Context and Community 03/31/2017
Small, Drew T. Office of Admissions 06/30/2017
Smith, Adam Jason BGSU Police Department 01/31/2018
Smith, Jasmine Beverly Center for Community and Civic Engagement' 01/31/2018
Smith, Karyn J. RecWell 02/28/2017
smith, reha Margaret Biology 06/30/2017
Smith, Sara Nicole International Programs & Partnerships 07/31/2017
Smith, Sara Nicole International Programs & Partnerships 08/31/2017
Snell, Mesa BGSU Dining 02/28/2017
Snelling , Louis Raymond Athletics/Cross Country/Track 10/31/2017
Snider, Cara Marcelle College Student Personnel/bGAB 10/31/2017
Snyder, Amani Capital Planning 05/31/2017
Snyder, Jeffrey SEES 08/31/2017
Sockrider, Tanya Kay Dining 12/31/2017
Solis, Alex Dominic Office of the President 11/30/2017
Spaulding, Scott A. campus opperations 09/30/2017
Spence, Emma Suzuki SEES/Geology 09/30/2017
Spikes, Troy Williams Campus Operations 06/30/2017
Spivey, Simieon Fine Art Department 09/30/2017
Spivey, Simieon Redmon WBGU-TV 02/28/2017
Spratling, Diamond Ciara ENVS3100 08/31/2017
Stark, Christine W. Firelands Admissions 02/28/2017
Steele, Alexandra Nicole Biological Sciences 11/30/2017
Steen, Dave ITS/CTS 07/31/2017
Steiner, Alexis Kate Geology 08/31/2017
Stevenson, Martin Firelands Temp 05/31/2017
Stewart, John A. Police 04/30/2017
Stewart, Randall E. Firelands 09/30/2017
Stickles, James H. Campus operations 09/30/2017
Stienecker, Sara Lynn Biology 09/30/2017
Stott, David Michael Accounting and MIS 02/28/2017
Stott, Frances Ann Department of AMIS 03/31/2017
Stott, Nathan Biology 08/31/2017
Stowers, Jason Michael Environment and Sustainability 08/31/2017
Strawser, Kala Postal Services 08/31/2017
Streffon, Jenna Christine Geology 08/31/2017
Stroth, Hannah Marie Grounds 04/30/2017
Strzempka, John William Design and Construction 04/30/2017
Studer, Terry BGSU Dining 10/31/2017
Sublett, Jacob David Biology 03/31/2017
Sullivan, Jeff Theatre 09/30/2017
Swales, Jamie Nichole Print Society 02/28/2017
Swartz, Justin Lawrence Grounds Campus Operations 09/30/2017
Swartz, Teresa K. BGSU DINING SERVICES 01/31/2018
Swoap, Suzanne Marie Police Department 09/30/2017
Swope, Brian Lee Design and Construction 11/30/2017
Szenas, Alexis Marine Biology (Field Course) 04/30/2017
Szparagowski, Nicole M. Office of Capital Planning 04/30/2017
Taulker, Jodi E. campus operation 07/31/2017
Taylor, Cara Photo Club 03/31/2017
Taylor, Ryan Joshua Recreation/Outdoor Program 04/30/2017
Teggart, Hope B. WBGU-TV 01/31/2018
Thangellapally , Adithya NWORBD 02/28/2017
Thatcher, Briggs Austin ITS/CTS 09/30/2017
Theby, David BGSU Athletics 09/30/2017
Thomas, Emily A. Theatre and Film/Treehouse Troupe 08/31/2017
Thomas, Quinn David Grounds 05/31/2017
Thompson, Christian Andrew grounds 04/30/2017
Thomson, Amy L. BGSU Bookstore 02/28/2017
Thomson, Amy L. Falcon Outfitters 02/28/2018
Thongpasouk, Peter School of Teaching & Learning 10/31/2017
Thornton, Vaughn Global Village 09/30/2017
Tiell, Melisa Lynn Shuttle Service 12/31/2017
Tinch, Emily Louise Parking Services 09/30/2017
Tirpak, Kaitlyn Elizabeth Athletic Training 08/31/2017
Tittle, Rebecca Marie Chartwells Dining Service 02/28/2017
Toepfer-Gaver, Grant Donald Educators in Context and Community 02/28/2017
Toepfer-Gaver, Grant Donald Educators in Context and Community 02/28/2018
Tomek, Benjamin Phillip Postal Services 05/31/2017
Tomic, Danijela Athletics-Volleyball 03/31/2017
Tomor, Hannah Sue Outdoor Program 04/30/2017
Tompkins, Terrance R. MUCT 09/30/2017
Trout, Bonnie Sue Dining Services 03/31/2017
Trunck, Hayden Scott Stroh Center 01/31/2018
Truong, Khoa Design & Construction 05/31/2017
Turner, Kerrie McKinney Intercollegiate Athletics 01/31/2018
Turner, Michael A. NWORBD 04/30/2017
Turner, Vanessa Dining Services 09/30/2017
Turpin, Mollie A. Bookstore 05/31/2017
Tuttle, Cari E. WBGU-TV 01/31/2018
Tuttle, Taylor Alannah Biological Sciences 07/31/2017
Uhl, Chelsea Florence Office of Residence Life 07/31/2017
Umsted, Mikalyn Nicole Parking Services 08/31/2017
Underwood, Eileen M. Biological Sciences 07/31/2017
Valdez, Paul Anthony Center for Community & Civic Engagement 05/31/2017
Valdez, Raynaldo Juaquin Athletic Training 03/31/2017
Valentine, Cynthia Ann Dining Services 04/30/2017
Van Den Eynde, Sarah Lynn Stampers/ Postal Services 03/31/2017
Vanderslice, William Dale Geology 08/31/2017
Vandevort, Kyle Adam BGSU Postal Services 03/31/2017
VanScoyoc, Cathy June Design & Construction 06/30/2017
VanTress, Jeremy Ryan Postal 11/30/2017
Varner, Mackenzy Ann BGSU Dining/Chartwells 07/31/2017
Veerapaneni, Ram Satish Natural and Social Sciences 11/30/2017
Venier, Amy Joanne BGSU Dining/ Catering 06/30/2017
Vicars, Derrick Intercollegiate Athletics/Track and Field 10/31/2017
Vittorio, Gabe Alexander Campus Operations 02/28/2017
Voss, Scott Office of Residence Life 07/31/2017
Vrooman, Patrick Duane Educators in Context & Community 03/31/2017
Waddle, Robert M. Capital Planning 07/31/2017
Wadel, Bethany Marie Postal and Warehouse Services 02/28/2017
Wagner, Luke Carter Football 04/30/2017
Wahl, Sharyl Lynn Academic Student Services 11/30/2017
Walliser, Amanda Campus Operations 04/30/2017
Walliser, John Campus Operations 04/30/2017
Walls, Stephanie M. Natural and Social Sciences 12/31/2017
Walton, Jason David School of Art/THFM 06/30/2017
Ward, Ryan Postal Services 08/31/2017
Warner, Chad L. Postal Services 01/31/2018
Warner, Katelin A. Grounds 05/31/2017
Waters, Sarah E. Residence Life 10/31/2017
Wauthier, Kaitlyn Elyse School of Teaching & Learning 10/31/2017
Webb, Jodi E. Office of the Dean of Students 06/30/2017
Weber , Karen E. Student Union 06/30/2017
Weed, Carina Department of the Environment and Sustainability 02/28/2017
Weinberg, Zachary Fine Arts - glass 10/31/2017
Weinsier, Philip D. Applied Sciences 10/31/2017
Weller, Holly Ann Recreation and Wellness 09/30/2017
Wells, Zeta Mikhayla BGSU Sports Medicine 09/30/2017
Wendel, Samuel Charles Postal Service 08/31/2017
Wentz, Charles Mathew Athletics 08/31/2017
Wesney, Trishelle Dining Services 03/31/2017
White, Jerome WBGU-TV 05/31/2017
White, Joseph A. grounds 03/31/2017
White, Marcus Demetri Athletics 03/31/2017
Whitehurst, Robert N. Athletics - Sports Medicine 08/31/2017
Whiteman, Samantha Athletic Training 08/31/2017
Wildschutte, Hans Biological Sciences 03/31/2017
Wilhelm, Patricia Ann Geology 08/31/2017
Williams, Beverly A Parking Services 08/31/2017
Williams, Jacob Classroom Technology Services 12/31/2017
Williams, Wesley Troy Campus Operations 10/31/2017
Willis, Carly Geene Center for Community and Civic Engagement 09/30/2017
Willis, Sarah Athletics/Softball 03/31/2017
Wilson, Alyson Kay Firelands NSS 04/30/2017
Wilson, Cameron Maurice College of teaching and human development 10/31/2017
Wilson, Dondi Firelands 08/31/2017
Wilson, Jordan Christine The Graduate College 09/30/2017
Wilson, Merril Robert Shuttle Service 01/31/2018
Wilson, Rachel Erin Biological Life Sciences 02/28/2017
Windau, Ian A. WBGU-TV 05/31/2017
Winners, David ITS 12/31/2017
Wisecup, Caden Gregory Michael Environment and Sustainability 08/31/2017
Wiseman, Ashley L. BGSU Dining 08/31/2017
Wisvari, Sam Postal Service 01/31/2018
Witte, Matthew Kenneth Geology Department 05/31/2017
Wittig, Craig Environmental Programs 05/31/2017
Wofford, Sarah Biological Sciences 07/31/2017
Wojtkiewicz, Dennis J. School of Art 09/30/2017
Wolfrum, Erich Hans Postal Services 01/31/2018
Wood, Adam Donald Office of Residence Life 07/31/2017
Wood, Tyler Christian Biology 11/30/2017
Woodruff, Peggy Jean Dunkin Donuts 08/31/2017
Wrice SR, David William Firelands/Budget Operations 03/31/2017
Wulf, Julianna Pearl Grounds Operations 01/31/2018
Wurst, Chad Thomas Grounds Campus Operations 08/31/2017
Wygant, Daniel J. Campus Operations 03/31/2017
Wynn, Bryan LD BGSU Police Dept. 04/30/2017
Xu, Hong Institutional Research 02/28/2017
Yacobucci, Margaret Mary Geology 08/31/2017
Yarnall, Christian Frederick Information Technology Services 09/30/2017
Yetzer, Taylor Marie WBGU-TV 11/30/2017
Young, Abigail Photo Club 03/31/2017
Young, Brianna Nicole WBGU-TV 09/30/2017
Young, Jessica Nicole ICA-Athletics (Sports Med) 09/30/2017
Young, Justin Gerald Catering Services 09/30/2017
Young, Nicholas Jonathan Athletics 02/28/2017
Young, Tanner Douglas Center for community and civic engagement 02/28/2017
Young, Tanner Douglas Environmental Science 08/31/2017
Zach, Matthew Dylan Biological Sciences 10/31/2017
Zachrich, Jon BGSU Dining 01/31/2018
Zahler, Megan Mary Admissions/ Career Services 09/30/2017
Zakrajsek, Brandon Timothy Grounds Campus Operations 10/31/2017
Zapiecki, Thomas Michael WBGU-TV 03/31/2017
Zappa, Giovanni Joseph Grounds 05/31/2017
Zbasnik, Joseph Charles Campus Operations 09/30/2017
Zenone, Catherine BGSU Catering 12/31/2017