Risk Management

Approved Driver List

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Note: Drivers of fifteen passenger vans must also appear on the van training list.

Driver Department Approval Expiration Date
Blachowski Dreyer, Daria Anne Dining 09/30/2018
Hammond, Kelsey M. Academic and Student Services 06/30/2018
Abbott, Bethany Lynne Chemistry 08/31/2018
AbouZied, Magdy BGSU Dining 06/30/2018
Adams, Jacqueline Estes CCCE 05/31/2018
Addis, Lisa L. NWO/COSMOS 08/31/2018
Aguilar, Emily Theatre and Film/Treehouse Troupe 10/31/2018
Ainsworth, Sara Jane Center for Community & Civic Engagement 12/31/2017
akurathi, venkata rakesh campus operations 12/15/2017
Alakbarov, Toghrul School of Teaching and Learning 10/31/2018
Albanese, Colin Z. WBGU-TV 04/30/2018
Albrecht, Jennifer Lynn WBGU-TV 03/31/2018
Alday, Paul Wesley Communication 08/31/2018
Allen, Courtney BGSU Dining 02/28/2018
Almeer, Abdulqodous Tawfeeq NWORBD 01/31/2018
AlMethen, Omar H E A H International Programs and Partnerships 05/31/2018
Alt, Andrew Wayne Academic Affairs 04/30/2018
Alvarado, Neiko F. grounds campus operations 10/31/2018
Anderson, Drew Catering 08/31/2018
Anderson , Brittany Dining Services 10/31/2018
Ansel, Adrienne Nicole Recreation & Wellness 05/31/2018
Ansted, Paul David Office of Residence Life 05/31/2018
Antal, Evan WJ Athletics - Volleyball 02/28/2018
Arakai, Joel ITS 01/31/2018
Arbogast, Brett Logistics 05/31/2018
Arrigo, Michael School of Art 10/31/2018
Ash, Bethany Lynn COSMOS 05/31/2018
Aukerman, Chad Justin Biol 4750 Field Course 04/30/2018
Ayers, Karli L. Parking Services 08/31/2018
Babaee, Mohamadreza Theatre and Film 08/31/2018
Baber, Jared Dean ITS 01/31/2018
Bader, Devin C. dbader2015 01/31/2018
Baker, Julie Kay CTS/ITS 07/31/2018
Baldonado, Delia campus oper. 08/31/2018
Baldwin, Jim G. Campus Operations 04/30/2018
Balinski, Michael Department of Biological Sciences 04/30/2018
Balser, Jon Campus Operations 11/30/2018
Baratian, April Alumni and Development 03/01/2018
Baringer, Jamie Ann Athletics/Ice Arena and Stroh 09/30/2018
Barnes, Myia NWORBD 05/31/2018
Barr, Tina Marie Cusdodian 08/31/2018
Barratt, Clare Louise Psychology Department 06/30/2018
Baty, Adam Michael ITS/CTS 06/30/2018
Bauer, Jason Frank Athletics 01/31/2018
Beaudreau, Nicole grounds campus operations 08/31/2018
Bechstein, Jeremy Ivan grounds 08/31/2018
Bechstein, Kurt J. ITS 05/31/2018
Bediako, Samuel Nana Arko grounds campus operations 06/30/2018
Bedran, Cauli R. Athletics 08/31/2018
Begum, Khani English 01/31/2018
Belcher, Jessica Ann COSMOS 08/31/2018
Beligala, Dilshan H. Biological Sciences 06/30/2018
Bell, Michael Allen campus operation 06/30/2018
Bennett, Joseph Charles Parking Services 08/31/2018
Berry, Cameron Matthew Environment and Sustainability 08/31/2018
Betori, Vincent John Parking Services 08/31/2018
Bezdicek, Paul Ward Athletic Department 04/30/2018
Biere, Nicholas C. WBGU-TV 01/31/2018
Bingman, Verner P. Psychology 10/31/2018
Bischoff, Rechelle Dunkin Donuts 09/30/2018
Black, Kristin Marie Information Technology Services 08/31/2018
Blakely, Elijah David WBGU-TV 07/31/2018
Blankenship, William Lewis Environmental studies deparment 08/31/2018
Bomlitz, Benjamin R. Environment & Sustainability 09/30/2018
Boone, Steven Elbert Dept. of Theatre and Film 06/30/2018
Booth, Michaela Aubrey Postal Services 08/31/2018
Boulis, Lee Alan Grounds 10/31/2018
Bowers, Calvin CM Intercollegiate Athletics 09/30/2018
Bowman, Jaime L. BGSU DIning 01/31/2018
Brashear, Virginia K. Campus Operation 03/31/2018
Brickner, Christopher Grounds Campus Operations 04/30/2018
Brickner , Hannah Rebekah Department of the Environment and Sustainability 09/30/2018
Briggs, Brandon M School of Art 02/28/2018
Britton, Dustin Dining 04/30/2018
Brock, Matt Athletics - Football 08/31/2018
Brodke, Michelle Ruth Firelands College BGSU 07/31/2018
Brogan, Brian Campus Operations Physical Security 06/30/2018
Brooks, Michael Ernest History Department 02/28/2018
Brown, Amy CCCE 09/30/2018
Brown, Ana C. Office of Residence Life 08/31/2018
Brown, Jacob A. ICA-Sports Medicine 01/31/2018
Brown, Michael Allyn plumbing 12/31/2018
Brown , Michael Allyn Plumbing 12/31/2017
Bruning, Mitchell Anthony BGSU Dining 10/31/2018
Bruning, Robin L. Dining 03/31/2018
Buchanan, Becky Lynn Campus Operations 10/31/2018
Buehrer, Jolene K. BGSU-Firelands College 07/31/2018
Buening, Jennifer E. Academic and Student Services 02/28/2018
Bullerjahn, George S. Biological Sciences 09/30/2018
Burke, Taylor Christian WBGU 08/31/2018
Bushman, Bailey Rae Honors College/Honors Learning Community 08/31/2018
Butcher, William A. Geology 09/30/2018
Butler, Jeremy M. University Libraries/Book Depository 06/30/2018
Butler, Kyle ITS 08/31/2018
Butler, Ross Alan Information Technology Support 08/31/2018
Bywalec, Kevin Campus Operations: Grounds Maintenance 08/31/2018
Cameron, Megan Lynne Campus Operations - Grounds Department 01/31/2018
Campbell, Alyssa Ann Campus Operations 08/31/2018
Campbell, Jacqueline Mary Center for Community and Civic Engagement 09/30/2018
Campbell, Michael Department of Public Safety 08/31/2018
Cappellini, Owen A. WBGU-TV 02/28/2018
Caris, Anthony Donald Shuttle service 08/31/2018
Carpenter, Andrew David WBGU-TV 06/30/2018
Carr, William Michael Textbook Services 02/28/2018
Carrillo, Juan Fernando Athletics 09/30/2018
Carsey, Camden grounds campus operations 08/31/2018
Carty, Gloria A. Campus Operations 07/31/2018
Case, Marie Adele Athletics 01/31/2018
Case, Spencer Information Technology Services 08/31/2018
Castillo, Thomas Javier Theatre & Film 09/30/2018
Casto, Patrick Eugene Biological Sciences 12/31/2017
Chafee, Cheryl BGSU Firelands Admission and FA 09/30/2018
Chappuis, Scott Owen School of Media and Communication 07/31/2018
Charville, Mark R. Firelands - Budget & Operations 03/31/2018
Chattopadhyay, Dhiman School of media & communication 07/31/2018
Chinkondenji, Pempho Daza Cross-cultural and International Education (MACIE) 06/30/2018
Cipriani, Holly Pre-College Programs-BGSU 12/31/2017
Clark, Chad Athletics Marketing 08/31/2018
Clark, Connor Lee Bowling Green State University Police 01/31/2018
Clemens, Cody Marshall Bowling Green State University 06/30/2018
Codding, Charles Lee Chemistry / ENGT 09/30/2018
Coffield, Darin R. Campus Operations 07/31/2018
Coleman, Kandann Tonisha Chapman Learning Community 04/30/2018
Collier, Erick Fine Art Department 03/31/2018
Colvin, Wayne Scott ITS 05/31/2018
Combs, Ross ENVS 3100 08/31/2018
Conley, Connor E Postal Services 08/31/2018
Conrad, Nicholas John Grounds campus operations 08/31/2018
Conteh, Mariama Campus Operations 04/30/2018
Contreras, Dorinda STL 07/31/2018
Cook, Thomas M. Shuttle Service 08/31/2018
Coons, Christian Philosophy 09/30/2018
Cotter, Zachary MK Geology Department 10/31/2018
Coulson, Robert Dean BGSU Police Department 06/30/2018
Cox, Logan Heath photo club 10/31/2018
Craig, Kelsey Falcon Outfitters 09/30/2018
Crawford, Patricia Ann Alumni & Development/ Firelands 09/30/2018
Crespo, Jeremiah BGSU Dining/ Chartwells 02/28/2018
Crimmins, Eric John ITS 07/31/2018
Crowe, Andrew David ENVS 3100 08/31/2018
Crowl, Rachel Ann Recreation and Wellness 04/30/2018
Crum, Emily Grace ITS 11/30/2018
Cui, Wenda School of Teaching and Learning 07/31/2018
Cummings, Thomas P. WBGU-TV 07/31/2018
Cutway, Victoria WBGU-TV 08/31/2018
Dachik, James Paul Theatre and Film 09/30/2018
Dackin, Katelyn Renee Stroh Center 02/28/2018
Dackin, Mary Elizabeth Stroh Center 01/31/2018
Dailey, Katharine K. Dean's Office/Firelands 07/31/2018
Dalmacio, Stephanie Women's Tennis 01/31/2018
Dameron, Makayla Renee Parking Services 08/31/2018
Daneker, Benjamin Paul Campus Operations 01/31/2018
Daniels, Tasia Lin NWORBD 01/31/2018
Davies, Caitlin Postal Services 08/31/2018
Davis, Jeremy Carl Shuttle Service 03/31/2018
Davis, Timothy Biological Sciences 12/31/2018
De Silva, Dilum . NSS 02/28/2018
DeAmon, Steven Information Technology Services 04/30/2018
Decker, Joseph Arthur ITS/CTS 09/30/2018
Dedes, Alexis Nicole SMAC 10/31/2018
Deguzman, Mariah Renee Arts Village Learning Community 12/31/2017
DelPiombo , Alexandria Atheltics-Volleyball 02/28/2018
DelPo, Joseph M. Theatre 08/31/2018
Delventhal, Jessie Rachael Capital Planning 04/30/2018
DeNardo, Faith Recreation and Wellness 10/31/2018
Dennis, Peggy F. Accessibility Services 05/31/2018
Devine, Kristina Alumni and Development 04/30/2018
Deyhle, Janna ICA-Sports Medicine 01/31/2018
Dick, Jeremy Edward Environmental Health and Safety 04/30/2018
Dickerson, Greg Allan EDHD 06/30/2018
Dickman, Craig Campus Operations 11/30/2018
Dickson, Austin Tyler Parking Services 11/30/2018
Dieterich, Katherine Jeanne Police Department 02/28/2018
Digman, Joshua Thomas Political science 03/31/2018
Diller, Cynthia Susan Postal Services 01/31/2018
DiModica, Corey Daniel Police Department 04/30/2018
Diver, Lucas The Bookstore 02/28/2018
Dix, Joshua R. Police Department 04/30/2018
Doades, Dominique Allen WBGU-TV 05/31/2018
Dobbs, Nya C. Athletics/Sports Medicine 08/31/2018
Dolan, Andrew James ENVS 3100 08/31/2018
Dolan , Andrew James Campus Operations 08/31/2018
Domer, Scott A. grounds 10/31/2018
Doolittle, Emma Christina Chapman Learning Community 08/31/2018
Dotson, Anthony E. Police Department 02/28/2018
Dowlen, Lakeshia Dean of Students 10/31/2018
Downard, Ryan Athletics 08/31/2018
Downard, Ryan M. Football 08/31/2018
Dudley, Tina Marie campus operation 07/31/2018
Duntley, Madeline Sociology 04/30/2018
Durham, Sean Douglas grounds campus operations 08/31/2018
Dykstra, Laura Lee Geology 08/31/2018
Echler, Diana J. Dining Services 06/30/2018
Echler, Doyle Jay Dining Services 03/31/2018
Eckhardt, Ryan Christian WBGU-TV 08/31/2018
Egbert, Matthew Robert Environment and Sustainability 08/31/2018
Ehlers, Colby Michael Campus operations 02/28/2018
El-Sharnouby, Joseph Grounds campus operations 06/30/2018
Eliano, Perry Athletics 08/31/2018
Ellerbush, Gretchen Shuttle Service 08/31/2018
Elliot, Bradford Thomas Grounds Campus Operations 05/31/2018
Ellison, Michael Bruce Department of Theatre and Film 12/31/2017
Emptage, Jennifer BGSU Police Department 08/31/2018
EN NASRY, ABDELALI Global Village 11/30/2018
Engel, Ethan BGSU Recreation & Wellness 09/30/2018
Enright, Patrick ITS 12/31/2017
Enright, Patrick ITS 12/31/2018
Ense, Matthew Athletics 09/30/2018
Euler, Scott E. Campus Operation Grounds 10/31/2018
Evans, Connor J. Environmental & Sustainability 08/31/2018
Evans, James Erwin Geology/SEES 08/31/2018
Evett, Jordan Charles Postal Services 08/31/2018
Eynon, Tess Logistics 10/31/2018
Fannon, Matt Athletics 12/31/2018
Fannon, Matt Athletics 12/31/2017
Faulkner, Megan N. CCCE 09/30/2018
Faust, Nicholas John Postal Services 05/31/2018
Faust, Nicholas John Geology 05/31/2018
Feasel, Corey David Recreation and Wellness 03/31/2018
Fenner, Alan Christopher Visual Communication Technology 02/28/2018
Ferback, Kevin W. Facilities 03/31/2018
Ferguson , Chase W Stroh Center 01/31/2018
Ferrante, Dominic James WBGU-TV 02/28/2018
Fillio , Aaron Capital Planning 04/30/2018
Fink, Joshua Lee BGSu Dining 03/31/2018
Fintel, Mason D. Campus Operations 10/31/2018
Fintel, Rose Lynn campus operations 08/31/2018
Fischer, Daniel Anthony ICA-Sports Medicine 08/31/2018
Flanagan, Patrick James Textboo Services 06/30/2018
Fleshman, Skyler Fielding Information Technology Services 12/31/2017
Flores, Austin Admissions 04/30/2018
Florey, Cassidy Lynn Biological Sciences 10/31/2018
Flowers, Abbey Campus Operations 10/31/2018
Fontaine, Claudia S. Center for Community and Civic Engagement 12/31/2017
Ford, Tasha Social Work 09/30/2018
Forstater, Erica Lynn Biological Sciences 08/31/2018
Forsthoefel, Brandon Matthew BGSU shuttle service 11/30/2018
Forsythe, Jennifer Nicole School of Art 02/28/2018
Fortlage, Andrew Design and Construction 01/31/2018
Fowle, Michael John Department of the Environment and Sustainability 08/31/2018
Fox, Anthony R. BTSU 03/31/2018
Fraley, Hannah Jade Firelands buget and operations 04/30/2018
Frankina, James Jay SCMA 01/31/2018
Frederick, Jonathan Chandler Grounds Campus Operations 05/31/2018
Freeman, Keylin CCCE 09/30/2018
Frye, Eugene R. School of Media & Communication 06/30/2018
Fu, Yuning SEES 05/31/2018
Fuegmann, Tessa M. Environment & Sustainability 09/30/2018
Gacsal, Kathleen Rose BGSU Dining 04/30/2018
Gallagher, Caitlin Erin BGSU Firelands Budget & Operations 09/30/2018
Gangluff, Gary Firelands 03/31/2018
Gangwer, Bob Campus Operations 09/30/2018
Garno, Sharlynn Campus Services 06/30/2018
Garrett-Ruffin, Sherona Deline Psychology/BGSU 09/30/2018
Geib, Logan Paul Shuttle service 01/31/2018
Gerhardt, Angela Marie campus operations 03/31/2018
Gesicki, David Vincent Biological SCiences 07/31/2018
Ghaffari, Sara Philosophy 12/31/2017
Gierke, Jeffrey Steven Campus Operations 06/30/2018
Gildon, James Athletics 08/31/2018
Gillingham, Justin NWORBD 06/30/2018
Gilmore, David Lee Humanities 02/28/2018
Gloor, Tia Michelle School of Teaching and Learning 02/28/2018
Gochenour, Lynne Marie Capital Planning 12/31/2017
Goedde, Matthew Ronald ITS 02/28/2018
Goedde, Nicholas Postal Services 05/31/2018
Gomezdelcampo, Enrique School of Earth, Environment and Society 09/30/2018
Gonyer, Howard Allan Higher Education and Student Affairs 09/30/2018
Goodman, Joseph L. WBGU 09/30/2018
Goodpaster, Connor J. ECCO 10/31/2018
Goodpaster, Samantha Jordan ECCO 10/31/2018
Gorsevski, Pece SEES 08/31/2018
Graber, Myles Thomas Dining Services 10/31/2018
Graening, Cody Chartwells 12/31/2018
Graening, Cody S. Dining 12/31/2017
Graham, Timothy John Grounds Campus Operations 04/30/2018
Grant, Tricia Athletics 11/30/2018
Gray-DuVall, Tanner J. Campus Operations 09/30/2018
Greenawalt, Chloe Ann Center for Community and Civic Engagement 02/28/2018
Gregory, Andrew John School of Earth Environment and Society 08/31/2018
Grimes, Navier Julia WBGU-TV 08/31/2018
Griner, Kimberly K. Environmental Health and Safety 09/30/2018
Groves, Samuel Hunter WBGU-TV 09/30/2018
Grulke, Jennifer Office of Residence Life 08/31/2018
Gulas, Michael Allen Grounds Campus Operations 04/30/2018
Gulling, Nicholas J. Environmental Science 08/31/2018
Gump, Donald campus op 04/30/2018
Guy, Venessa Dining Services 10/31/2018
Gwozdz, Kenny ITS 11/30/2018
Hackworth, Donna M. Campus Operations 10/31/2018
Hafer, Kristin D. Design & Construction 06/30/2018
Haines, Sawyer Campus Operations 05/31/2018
Hakel, Heidi R. College of Technology, Arch, & App. Eng. 09/30/2018
Hale Jr., Benjamin BGSU Campus Ops 10/31/2018
Hall, Maite Y. International Programs and Partnerships 10/31/2018
Hall, Matthew Allen Grounds 09/30/2018
Hamilton, Duane Lee Campus Operations 06/30/2018
Hamilton , Katherine Center for Community and Civic Engagment 12/31/2018
Hammond, Ben ITS 12/31/2018
Hampton, Ashley N Political Science 03/31/2018
Han, Krishna Office of Multicultural Affairs 06/30/2018
Harmon, Febe S. Grounds 07/31/2018
Harrison, Xavier Dashaun Grounds Campus Operations 05/31/2018
Hartman, Lucas Shuttle Bus 10/31/2018
Harvey, Douglas Aaron budget operations 07/31/2018
Hasenfratz, Elizabeth Ann Design & Construction 05/31/2018
Hayden, Heather Dawn BGSU Dining 06/30/2018
Haynes, Bennie Michael Budget and Operations 08/31/2018
Haynes, June A. Humanities 12/31/2017
He, Ziling School of Media and Communication 09/30/2018
Heaster, Grant Orion grounds campus operations 08/31/2018
Heinze, Karen E. Campus Operations 06/30/2018
Heishman, Samantha Sue Slater Family Ice Arena 09/30/2018
Heller, Ivy Madalyn-Rose WBGU-TV 07/31/2018
Hendershott, Tennyson W 02/28/2018
Hendrix, Dorian Carvon Campus Operations 05/31/2018
Hennessy, Nicholas Campus Operations 10/31/2018
Henning, Mark A. wbgu-tv 09/30/2018
Hennings, Keith A School of Teaching and Learning 08/31/2018
Hennings, Michelle . School of Teaching and Learning 07/31/2018
Hensley, Dylan Wesley Shuttle Service 10/31/2018
Hensley, Nathan Stewart School of Earth Environment and Society 09/30/2018
Herman, Mark Howard Philosophy Dept. 09/30/2018
Hernandez, Johnnie Dining 01/31/2018
Hess, Christine Biological Sciences 07/31/2018
Hester, Mark Daniel Campus Operations 09/30/2018
Hetrick, Rachel E. Dining Services 06/30/2018
Heyman, Alicia Campus Operations 04/30/2018
Hill, Derrick BGSU Police 04/30/2018
Hill Jr., Carl H. plumbing/ campus operations 04/30/2018
Himelhan, Joel Thomas Grounds 10/31/2018
Hinkle, Aaron Grounds Campus Operations 05/31/2018
Hoehn, Patrick J. Campus Operations 02/28/2018
Hofacker, Keith William College of Musical Arts 09/30/2018
Hofacker, Robin Anita Dining Service 09/30/2018
Holden, Brett Edward Chapman Learning Community 10/31/2018
Holke, Hailey Elisabeth CCCE 09/30/2018
Hollinger, David C. Recreation and Wellness 09/30/2018
Holmes, Zahir N. WBGU-TV 09/30/2018
Holtrup, Michael J. Outtakes 11/30/2018
Houck, Blane A. Geology 08/31/2018
Howell, Leah Office of Campus Activities 01/31/2018
Huff, Debra Sue Bookstore 02/28/2018
Huffer, Benjamin J. WBGU-TV 08/31/2018
Hughes, Christopher C. Athletics 03/31/2018
Hursh, Nathaniel A. WBGU-TV 01/31/2018
Huskey, Sidney Grant Geology 08/31/2018
Huss, Linore Anniken Student Metal Arts Council 10/31/2018
Huyghe, Bess Ann Risk Management 01/31/2018
Hyre, Shelby Lynn Stroh Center 01/31/2018
Ireland, Ryan Patrick Chartwells 08/31/2018
Jagust, Samantha CCCE 09/30/2018
Jallad, Britney Lorane Police Department 08/31/2018
James, Jessica Renee Information Technology Services 11/30/2018
James, Joshua Stephen Information Technology Services 04/30/2018
Janik, David Allan Provost 10/31/2018
Jedding , Zachary Alan Phi Mu Alpha 08/31/2018
Jenkins, Shantrell Denise Office of Residence Life 07/31/2018
Jeter, Trinidy Student and Campus Activities 05/31/2018
Jinks, Michael Troy Football 08/31/2018
Johnson, Jaimie Life Sciences 08/31/2018
Johnson, Joshua A. Campus Operations 10/31/2018
Johnson, Kaylah Michele ENVS 3100 08/31/2018
Johnson, Nathan Andrew Grounds 10/31/2018
Johnson, Nicholas James Campus Operations 12/31/2017
Johnston, Nathan G. Biological Sciences 07/31/2018
Jorgensen, Jennifer Lea Athletic Communications 09/30/2018
Joseph, Jeremy Learning Commons 09/30/2018
Joseph, Kelly Rene Recreation & Wellness 05/31/2018
Julian, Ashley Rose Two Dimensional Artist Association 02/28/2018
Jurkovac, Timothy John Natural and Social Sciences 04/30/2018
Justice, Jacqueline A. Humanities Dept. Firelands College 09/30/2018
Kanwischer, Edmond Charles School of Art 02/28/2018
Kappler, Rachel H. Life Science/Biology 08/31/2018
Karches, Jennifer WBGU-TV 09/30/2018
Kardok, Ryan Men's Basketball 09/30/2018
Kasmarek, Noah Jeffery Campus Services 12/31/2018
Kauppila, Elizabeth Grace Information Technology Services 06/30/2018
Kauppila, Rachel Lynn ITS 12/31/2017
Keckler, Zane David Environmental & Sustainability 08/31/2018
Keefe, Matthew Public Safety 01/31/2018
Keegan, Erin Edward Campus Operations 02/28/2018
Kelbach , Sean Edmund Grounds Campus Operations 06/30/2018
Keller, Tyler WBGU-TV 08/31/2018
Kendall, Cynthia Dining 02/28/2018
Kendall, Stephen N. WBGU-TV 02/28/2018
Kennaugh, Adam Kord Grounds Campus Operations 04/30/2018
Kerr, Derek Ryan Navajo Reservation Trip 02/28/2018
Kersh, Chandler Dean Stroh Center 09/30/2018
Kester, Nathan W. Grounds Campus Operations 04/30/2018
Kiehl, Paula R. Campus Operations 03/31/2018
Killough, Clinton Jacob Football 08/31/2018
King, Kari Athletics 03/31/2018
Kirby, Cory Career Center 03/31/2018
Kirkum, James ITS 07/31/2018
Kizhakethalackal, Elsy Thomas Applied Sciences 05/31/2018
Kleingers, Allison Department of Theater and Film 08/31/2018
Klemm, Lindsay Leigh Football 08/31/2018
Klohn, Leonard Emerson maintenance 03/31/2018
Knudsen, Joshua D. Dining 07/31/2018
Koepfer, Kara Cecilia Falcon Outfitters 06/30/2018
Konrad, Laurie D. BGSU Dining 05/31/2018
Kontos, Victoria BGSU Firelands Admission 04/30/2018
Korbas, Kody James Shuttle Service 08/31/2018
Krontz, Karen A. Postal Services 12/31/2017
Kross, Reed Taylor Stroh Center 01/31/2018
Kruse, Penny Sue Music Performance Studies 08/31/2018
Kuhlman, Megan L. Police Department 10/31/2018
Kuhn, Mitchell Anthony Grounds Campus Operations 06/30/2018
Kulbago, Allison Claire BGSU Scene Shop 08/31/2018
Kunz, Alysha Marine Biology 03/31/2018
Lachat, Elizabeth Ann ITS 05/31/2018
Laib, Jenna COSMOS 07/31/2018
Lambert, Malissa RecWell 12/31/2017
Lambert, Thomas Dennis dinning 03/31/2018
Laneville, Michael Warren Geology 10/31/2018
Lang, Diane Sue bgsu dining 07/31/2018
Langenderfer, Peter E. Grounds 10/31/2018
Langendorfer, Stephen J. HMSLS/retired 07/31/2018
Lankford, Mitchell Grounds Campus Operations 04/30/2018
Lanning, Amy S. Athletics 10/31/2018
Lassey, Alyssa Kaye Sports Medicine 01/31/2018
Latham, Emily Rose Recreation Wellness 04/30/2018
Laughlin, Noah James WBGU-TV 08/31/2018
Lawrie, Josh D. Residence Life 05/31/2018
Layne, Gary D. Recreation and Wellness 11/30/2018
Leachman, Maya C. Center for Community and Civic Engagement 01/31/2018
Leck, Lona M. Recreation and Wellness 09/30/2018
Leckey, Gage Lee ITS 02/28/2018
lee, Bob HMSLS 11/30/2018
Lemmerbrock, Daniel W. Design & Construction 01/31/2018
Lesak, Austin WBGU-TV 08/31/2018
Li, Lan School of Teaching and Learning 08/31/2018
Lindesmith, Shelbi Ann Center for Community and Civic Engagement 01/31/2018
Line, Joanna Marie Johnson Athletics 10/31/2018
Lingle, Nicole Lynn Classroom Technology Services 12/31/2017
Lingle, Nicole L. Classroom Technology Services 12/31/2018
Linhardt, Joshua Dietrich Capital Planning 04/30/2018
Linsky, David Recreation and Wellness 04/30/2018
Lisk, Patrick Information Technology Services 03/31/2018
Little, Justin Michael Information Technology 11/30/2018
Liu, Ganming SEES 08/31/2018
Lizzi, Scott Alan Firelands Budget and Operations 07/31/2018
Logsdon, Daniel Joseph Campus Operations 08/31/2018
Loney, Kyle Andre WBGU-TV 08/31/2018
Long, Claire Marie Athletics Sports Medicine 09/30/2018
Lovelace, Kimberly Campus Operations 04/30/2018
Luedtke, Alexi School of Earth, Environment, and Society 08/31/2018
Luedtke, Alexi Ann Information Technology Services 08/31/2018
Luidhardt, Jon Jacob Police 08/31/2018
Lumbrezer, Marissa Jean Center for Community and Civic Engagement 01/31/2018
Lung, Joshua Tyler Information Technology Services 08/31/2018
Luptak, Andrew Joseph ITS 04/30/2018
Lynch, Andrew T ITS 07/31/2018
Lyons, Matthew P. Catering 10/31/2018
Madsen, Brie Elizabeth Dunkin Donuts 09/30/2018
Maguire, Annette K. falcon outfitters 08/31/2018
Major, Troy Allan grounds 10/31/2018
Malcolm, Mark Athletics 03/31/2018
Mangan, Daniel s. Theater and Film 01/31/2018
Mangan, Kelly Ann-Wiegant Theatre and Film 09/30/2018
Maniak, Jacob Michael Shuttle Service 12/31/2017
Mapus, Chad Police Department 04/30/2018
Marchetti, Brendan J. grounds campus ops 08/31/2018
Martin, Joseph Athletics 09/30/2018
Mason, Jessica Ann BGSU Catering 12/31/2018
Mason, Jessica Ann Dining/Catering 12/31/2017
Mason, Robert Todd Parking Services 02/28/2018
Mason, Zachary Francis BGSU Athletics 03/31/2018
Matthews, Henry Ramsey WBGU-TV 12/31/2017
Mattingly, Scott Nathaniel Dining services 06/30/2018
Mauter, Christopher ITS 08/31/2018
May, Keith Adam International Programs and Partnerships 05/31/2018
Mayo, Teresa M. Campus Opperation 11/30/2018
Mays, Patricia Jean Firelands Office of the Dean 06/30/2018
McCarthy, Julie Lynne Risk Management 05/31/2018
McCartney, Brandon Honors College 12/31/2017
McCluney, Kevin Elliot Biological Sciences 11/30/2018
McComas, Sue Ellen Humanities 11/30/2018
McCorvey, Alexia School of Teaching and Learning 11/30/2018
McCray, Maxwell campus opperations 02/28/2018
McCurdy, Zachary John WBGU-TV 02/28/2018
McDonald, Cian C. Athletics 08/31/2018
McGinley, Tracy G. Firelands/NSS/Criminal Justice 09/30/2018
McGovern, Lydia NWORB 05/31/2018
McGraw, Brooke G. BGSU Firelands Office of Budget & Operations 10/31/2018
McGuire, Jessica Geology 08/31/2018
McIntosh, Jacqueline S. Firelands 03/31/2018
McKay, Robert Michael Biological Sciences 08/31/2018
McKinney, Garrett Zachary WBGU-TV 09/30/2018
McKnight, Christian Outdoor Program 04/30/2018
McMenamin, Collin Scott BGSU Police department 01/31/2018
McPhillips, Jr., Michael James Ice Arena 09/30/2018
Meek, Haley Biological Sciences 03/31/2018
Melaragno, Salvatore James Wbgu-tv 08/31/2018
Memmer, Amanda Athletics - Sports Medicine 04/30/2018
Mencer Klonaris, Sandra Jo SECC 10/31/2018
Mendez, Marissa Nicole Recreation and Wellness 04/30/2018
Menke, Justin Tyler Poly-Sci/IRO 11/30/2018
Mere, Cassidy Anita Office of Residence Life 09/30/2018
Meredith, Michele K. Marketing 07/31/2018
Merkley, Brett James Geology 08/31/2018
Merlo, Carlie Ann Department of Theatre and Film 11/30/2018
Metzner, Gabrielle Biological 08/31/2018
Meyer, Daniel Bradley Athletics 03/31/2018
Meyer, Kelsey Lynn Undergraduate Advising and Academic Services 12/31/2017
Michaels, Helen Judith Biological sciences 08/31/2018
Midden, William Robert NWO/COSMOS 01/31/2018
Mierzejewski, Grant Recreaction and Wellness 06/30/2018
Miesmer, Darcy Marie BGSU Dining Services/Chartwells 10/31/2018
Miller, Mark Daniel CAMPUS OPERATIONS 11/30/2018
Miller, Mark Daniel campus operations 11/30/2018
Miller, Michael compass dinning 11/30/2018
Miller, Shawn Public Safety 04/30/2018
Milligan, Aubrey Mae ENVS 08/31/2018
Miner, Jeffrey Gibson Biological Science 10/31/2018
Mitchell, Adriann campus operations 07/31/2018
Mitchell, Jordan Harrison ITS 01/31/2018
Moeller, Courtney L. ICU- Sports Medicine 08/31/2018
Moesher, Paul WBGUTV 07/31/2018
Montanaro, Anthony Ice Arena 10/31/2018
Monterosso, Michaela Noel School Of Art 02/28/2018
Moore, Meghan Elysse Psychology 11/30/2018
Morgan, Michael Del Grounds Campus Operations 04/30/2018
Morningstar, scott J. grounds 03/31/2018
Moser, Seth Allen grounds campus operations 10/31/2018
Mueller, Mikayla Bruns Outdoor Program 07/31/2018
Muniz, Anthony Joseph WBGU-TV, BGSU 08/31/2018
Murnen, Lilian Grace School of Teaching and Learning 08/31/2018
Murnen, Timothy James School of Teaching & Learning 08/31/2018
Myers, Clay Dennis BGSU Police Dept 08/31/2018
Myers, Holly Jeanne Environment & Sustainability 09/30/2018
Myers, Kenneth Almon Psychology 09/30/2018
Naas, Scott Anthony Shuttle Service 02/28/2018
Naderer, Marsha Ellen Firelands/Nursing 08/31/2018
Nadzam, Ryan Joseph WBGU-TV 08/31/2018
Nagel, Beth Ann Purchasing 09/30/2018
Nakade, Bhagyashree BGSU Design and Construction 03/31/2018
Natochy, Liana Beth Department of Recreation and Wellness 10/31/2018
Nayak, Shubhankar Information Technology Services 04/30/2018
Negron, Efrain BGSU Volleyball 02/28/2018
Nekoranec, Alan D. Campus ops 07/31/2018
Nelson, Daniel Stephem Information Technology Services 12/31/2017
Nelson, Patrick Anthony BTSU/C&ES 05/31/2018
NEMIRE, MARK R. Police 04/30/2018
Neudeck, Michelle Joan Biological Sciences 06/30/2018
Neves, Kevin John Biological Sciences 08/31/2018
Newman, Autumn R. Center for Civic Community and Engagment 02/28/2018
Niese, Morgan Nichole Stroh Center 01/31/2018
Noel, Matthew Thomas Bowling Green State University 11/30/2018
Nolan, Tyler James Grounds Campus Operations 06/30/2018
Nungester, Emily Kaye Design and Construction 11/30/2018
O'Dorisio, Joel T. Arts Village 10/31/2018
O'Halloran, Michael Norman Parking Services 08/31/2018
Orosz, Joseph E. Information Technology Services 04/30/2018
Orwig, Frank W. campus operations 07/31/2018
Orwig, Susan Ann Campus Opertaions 07/31/2018
Osterling, Karen Janine BGSU Firelands/Office of the Dean 09/30/2018
Ostrowski, Lucas Theatre and Film 11/30/2018
Otiso, Kefa M. Global Village 06/30/2018
Overmyer, Justin Michael grounds canpus operations 09/30/2018
Pack, Amanda Michelle ALS 09/30/2018
Page, Cody Allyn Theatre & Film 08/31/2018
Page, Michael B. Dining Services 04/30/2018
Pahapill, Leigh-Ann School of Art 10/31/2018
Palicki, Haley Alyssa WBGU-TV 07/31/2018
Panas, Ludmyla Tatiana Firelands--NSS 10/31/2018
Paneru, Suman Construction Management 04/30/2018
Panter, Kurt Geology 08/31/2018
Papp, Paul building operations 08/31/2018
Paravano, Josh Matthew Dining services 08/31/2018
Paredes, Alfredo Campus Operations/Offenhauer 11/30/2018
Paredes, Francisco Javier campus operations 10/31/2018
Parent, James Construction Management Department 04/30/2018
Parker, Danielle Alumni and Development 03/31/2018
Parker, Ryan Douglas Campus Operations 11/30/2018
Parsons, Shawn Phillip ITS 06/30/2018
Partin, Matthew L. Biological Sciences 03/31/2018
Patil, Shivam BGSU Dining 06/30/2018
Patterson, Mychal David Grounds Campus Operations 05/31/2018
Pavuk, Daniel Mark Biological Sciences 09/30/2018
Paxton , Darla Jean Custodian 06/30/2018
Payne, Benjamin C. ITS 12/31/2018
Payne, Benjamin C. ITS 12/31/2017
Payne, Raven BGSU Dining 11/30/2018
Peavler, Misty Dawn ITS 02/28/2018
Peavler, Misty Dawn School of Earth Environment and Society 02/28/2018
Pelini, Shannon Lynn Biological SCiences 01/31/2018
Pena, Rick Anthony Budget/Operations 06/30/2018
Perkins, Daryl Eugene Office of Admissions 06/30/2018
Perry, Chandler L. Grounds campus operations 08/31/2018
Perry, Karen Kay BGSU Dining service 06/30/2018
Peterson, Steven T. ITS 04/30/2018
Pfeiffer, Austin Edward WBGU 09/30/2018
Pfeiffer, Lindsie Photo Club 10/31/2018
Phillips, Joseph Design and Construction 08/31/2018
Phouthavong, Deric grounds campus operations 06/30/2018
Pike, Matthew Jacob Parking Services 01/31/2018
Pinchak, Nicolo Paul ECCO 02/28/2018
Planthaber, Amy JW Fire/Student Services 04/30/2018
Plath, Debra Ann Dunkin Donuts 05/31/2018
Plummer, Erin Rae Department of Biological Sciences 07/31/2018
Pogacar, Timothy World Languages & Cultures 10/31/2018
Pogan, Sr., Brett Capital Planning 06/30/2018
Poindexter, Elandra C. Recreation & Wellness 04/30/2018
Polin, Daniel K. BGSU Police Department 04/30/2018
Pollock, Jenna Lee NWO/COSMOS 08/31/2018
Porter, Adam David Slater Family Ice Arena 10/31/2018
Pough, Janarvis Miles grounds campus operations 06/30/2018
Prime-Orr, Edwin James WBGU-TV 04/30/2018
Puder, Carol M. Applied Sciences 08/31/2018
Queen, Steve Wilson life 08/31/2018
Radabaugh, Joshua Charles ITS 06/30/2018
Radde, Jaid Olivia Postal Services 01/31/2018
Rafiq, Fardeen Department of Environment and Sustainibility 08/31/2018
Rainey, Sarah Anne School of Teaching & Learning 10/31/2018
Ralston , Nicole Marie Center for Community and Civic Engagement 02/28/2018
Ralston , Nicole Marie Environment & Sustainablity 08/31/2018
Reardanz, Timothy Roger Office of Residence Life 01/31/2018
Reed, Eric David BGSU Men's Soccer 07/31/2018
Reed, Jerry Lee College of Education and Human Development 12/31/2018
Reed, Jerry Lee Postal Services 12/31/2017
Reid , Caley Center for Community and Civic Engagement 01/31/2018
Reindel, Jenna Leigh Geology 05/31/2018
Reineck, Melanie Lynn Student Government 10/31/2018
Reynolds, Susan K. Dining 06/30/2018
Rice, DaJaniere Fine Arts 03/31/2018
Rice, David M. Nontraditional and Military Student Services 09/30/2018
Rich, Phillip D. Center for Community and Civic Engagement 01/31/2018
Ricketts, Gordon C. School of Art 01/31/2018
Ridgway, Chris D. Fine Arts/Photography 01/31/2018
Riedel, Veronica L. 1997 08/31/2018
Riegle, Sandra J. BGSU Dining 02/28/2018
Rife, Michelle L. Dining Services 02/28/2018
Riffle, Marissa Jo Dining Services 07/31/2018
Ringheisen, Jamie M. Center for Community and Civic Engagement 01/31/2018
Rios, Esperanza Office of Capital Planning 05/31/2018
Rios, Roberto Cristian Gordon Charles Ricketts 04/30/2018
Roark, Roddy C. Applied Sciences/BGSU Firelands 08/31/2018
Robbins, Stephanie L. Metals/SMAC 10/31/2018
Roberson, William Capital Planning 04/30/2018
Roberts, Sheila Jo Geology 08/31/2018
Rodriguez, Mekena Princesa WBGU-TV 09/30/2018
Rodzos, Tatiana Katherine Athletic Department 09/30/2018
Rogers, Benjamin ENVS 3100 08/31/2018
Rogers, Seth Stephen WBGU-TV 02/28/2018
Rosati, Monique Anita Athletics / Women's Basketball 05/31/2018
Roth, Justin Dining Services 10/31/2018
Rozelle, Austin Dining Services 04/30/2018
Rubel, Matthew John Campus Operations 08/31/2018
Rupert, Jordan J. BGSU Dining 09/30/2018
Rush, Amanda Marie BGSU Dining Services 10/31/2018
Russell, Ashley Recreation and Wellness- Kids Camp 06/30/2018
Saalfeld, Megan Ann Geology 08/31/2018
Saar, Anthony Firelands 12/31/2018
Saar, Anthony Firelands- Advising & Student Services 12/31/2017
Sadoff Obee, Susan E. BGSU Dining 07/31/2018
Saettel, Ryan Patrick Shuttle Service 07/31/2018
Salvo, Jaryt Young African Leaders Initiative 06/30/2018
Samuelsen, Jason D. Bowling Green State University Men's Soccer 07/31/2018
Sanders, Samantha Louise Recreation and Wellness 04/30/2018
Sapp, Daniel D. Firelands Humanities 08/31/2018
Sapp, Emily Center for Community and Civic Engagement 12/31/2018
Sauer, Scott Douglas Police Department 02/28/2018
Savitt, Phillip Andrew Dining Services 09/30/2018
Schaller, Janet Elaine Public Safety/Police 09/30/2018
Schatz, Cody Lee Environment and Sustainability 08/31/2018
Schemenauer, Frank A. Biological Sciences 08/31/2018
Schmidt, Jacob Robert Postal Services 08/31/2018
Schnurr, Dean David Firelands 01/31/2018
Schoenbine, Grayson Kale Office of Capital Planning 04/30/2018
Schooner, Suzanne Marie Biological Sciences 04/30/2018
Schroeder, Nicholaus Edwin Stroh Center 01/31/2018
Schuck, Raymond Ignatius Humanities - Firelands 01/31/2018
Schuessler, Michael Allan Design & Construction 11/30/2018
Schultze, Roger Allen Shuttle Service 12/31/2017
Schumacher, Katelyn Irene Biological Sciences 02/28/2018
Schumacker, Joel Michael Asset Management ITS 12/31/2018
Schwamberger, Michele Athletics - Football 03/31/2018
Schwartz, John Patrick WBGU-TV 05/31/2018
Scott, Aaliyah Environmental Science 08/31/2018
Sears, John Adam ITS 08/31/2018
Segura Barron, Thania D. Sports Medicine 08/31/2018
Seidel, Melissa Erin Biological Sciences 09/30/2018
Seigneur-Harris, Allyson ITS 06/30/2018
Selders, Michael Anthony Information Technology Services 10/31/2018
Sell, Brody Robert WBGU-TV 07/31/2018
Selmon , Daisha Denise BGSU Dining 08/31/2018
Senn, Connor Daniel Campus Operations 10/31/2018
Seo, Dominique C. Political Scirncr 02/28/2018
Serfozo, Emma K. Dining 01/31/2018
Serfozo, Lois Kay UDS 02/28/2018
Seroka, Laura Anne BGSU Forensics 08/31/2018
Serrato, George C. REC-WELLNESS 01/31/2018
Severns, Alexander Robert Intercollegiate Athletics 09/30/2018
Sexton, Collin Football 08/31/2018
Shaner, Stephen F. Police Departent 08/31/2018
Shank, Dale J. BGSU Biological Sciences 07/31/2018
Shaver, Alex D. Honors College 08/31/2018
Shepard, Mary Beth campus operations 06/30/2018
Shergalis, Barbara Design & Construction 10/31/2018
Sheridan, Curtis A. Shuttle Service 08/31/2018
Short, Anthony E. WBGU-TV 09/30/2018
Short, Casen J. Campus Operations 07/31/2018
Shuman, Thomas Duane ITS 08/31/2018
Sickler, Bradley D. Campus Operations/Carpenter Shop 03/31/2018
Sickler, Jodi L. Capital Planning 09/30/2018
Sickler, Stephanie L. Risk Management 01/31/2018
Siebenaler, Jackalyn Patricia grounds campus operations 08/31/2018
Sieja, Laura Grace BGSU Dining 06/30/2018
Silberman, Benjamin M. Postal Services 05/31/2018
Silverwood, Glendale K. Shuttle Service 08/31/2018
Simon, Marc V. Political Science 11/30/2018
Simon, Tina WBGU-TV 09/30/2018
Sindlinger, Hali Nichole Athletics/ Sports Medicine 03/31/2018
Singer, Carol Ann Library Teaching and Learning Department 12/31/2017
Singhaus, Lauren J. Campus Operations 01/31/2018
Sinn, Samantha Elizabeth Envs 08/31/2018
Skoog, Nicholas Wagner grounds campus ops 08/31/2018
Slowinski, Jessica Lynn BGSU Police Department 04/30/2018
Small, Drew Timothy Admissions Office 06/30/2018
Smith, Adam J. Center for Community and Civic Engagement 09/30/2018
Smith, Adam Jason BGSU Police Department 01/31/2018
Smith, Douglas e. Campus Operation 07/31/2018
Smith, Jasmine Beverly Center for Community and Civic Engagement' 01/31/2018
Smith, Karyn J. Recreation and Wellness 03/31/2018
Smith, Sara International Programs & Partnerships 07/31/2018
Smith, Tiffany Ranee Center for Community and Civic Engagement 10/31/2018
Smithback, Michael School of Teaching and Learning 11/30/2018
Snyder, Jeffrey SEES 08/31/2018
Snyder, Kacee Ferrell Honors College 09/30/2018
Sockrider, Tanya Kay Dining 12/31/2017
Sockrider, Tanya Kay Dining 12/31/2018
Solis, Alex Dominic Office of the President 11/30/2018
Spikes, Troy Williams Campus Operations 06/30/2018
Spratt, Tena Marie BGSU 09/30/2018
Stacey, Andrew STL 03/31/2018
Stanley, Madison Avery grounds campus operations 08/31/2018
Starks, Joseph R. ALS 09/30/2018
Steffes, Regan M. Compass Group/ Outtakes 10/31/2018
Steinberger, Amelia Nicole Grounds Campus Operations 04/30/2018
Steiner, Alexis Geology 08/31/2018
Steiner, Cassandra L. Capital Planning 04/30/2018
Steiner, Judith E. NWO/COSMOS 08/31/2018
Stevens, Lacey Geology 03/31/2018
Stewart, John A. Police 04/30/2018
Stewart, Mackenzie Carl Campus Operations 11/30/2018
Stewart, Marissa Nicole Photo Club 10/31/2018
Stickles, James campous operations 09/30/2018
Stiltner, Sara Center for Community and Civic Engagement 09/30/2018
Stimmel, Tyler L. Campus Operations 11/30/2018
Stone, Dylan Earl Campus Operations 10/31/2018
Stott, Nathan Daniel Biology 08/31/2018
Stotts, Alexander Mark grounds campus operations 07/31/2018
Streffon, Jenna Geology 08/31/2018
Strzempka, John William Design and Construction 05/31/2018
Studer, Terry L. BGSU Dinning 10/31/2018
Sussex, Brandon T. Biology 07/31/2018
Swartz, Teresa K. BGSU DINING SERVICES 01/31/2018
Swoap, Suzanne police department 09/30/2018
Swope, Brian Lee Design and Construction 11/30/2018
Tait, Eric D. Center for community and civic engagement 03/31/2018
Tate, Kaitlin Elisa Athletic Training 10/31/2018
Teggart, Hope B. WBGU-TV 01/31/2018
Telles, Lois Campus Operations 07/31/2018
Tembo, Nathan Cosmos 08/31/2018
Terry, Ina Marie Geology 08/31/2018
Tetley, John WBGU-TV 08/31/2018
Thomson, Amy L. Falcon Outfitters 02/28/2018
Tiell, Melisa Lynn Shuttle Service 12/31/2017
Tilton, Timothy W. Political Science 02/28/2018
Timm, Hudson Grey grounds campus operations 08/31/2018
Timpf, Benjamin Edward SEES 08/31/2018
Toepfer-Gaver, Grant Donald Educators in Context and Community 02/28/2018
Tomic, Danijela BGSU Volleyball 03/31/2018
Tomor, Hannah Sue Bowling Green State University Outdoor Program 04/30/2018
Toth, Christopher ITS 06/30/2018
Toth, Mary P. Chemistry 06/30/2018
Traugh, Hunter Joseph grounds campus operations 08/31/2018
Trout, Bonnie Sue Chartwell's Dining Services 04/30/2018
Trunck, Hayden Scott Stroh Center 01/31/2018
Truong, Khoa Office of Ficilities Information 06/30/2018
Turner, Kerrie McKinney Intercollegiate Athletics 01/31/2018
Turner, Michael Aaron NWORBD 04/30/2018
Turner, Morgan Davis Athletics-Sports Medicine 08/31/2018
Tuttle, Cari E. WBGU-TV 01/31/2018
Tyree, Tyler D. BGSU Firelands 09/30/2018
Valdez, Paul Anthony Center for Community&Civic Engagement 05/31/2018
Valentine, Cynthia Ann Dining Services 06/30/2018
Van De Bussche, Alexander Bradley Campus Operations 10/31/2018
Van Den Eynde, Sarah Lynn Postal Services/Stamper's 03/31/2018
Vanderslice, William Dale Geology 10/31/2018
VanTress, jeremy R. Postal Services 11/30/2018
Varner, Mackenzy A. BGSU Dining 07/31/2018
Vazquez Ortega, Angelica School of Earth, Environment and Society 08/31/2018
Vicars, Derrick Athletics 10/31/2018
Vogel, Mason N. NWORBD 05/31/2018
Vollbach, Alexander School of Media and Communication 08/31/2018
Waddle, Robert M. Capital Planning 11/30/2018
Wagner, Alec J. Campus Operations 10/31/2018
Wagner, Amy Kristin Biological Sciences 06/30/2018
Wagner, Derek Andrew Grounds Campus Operations 04/30/2018
Wahl, Sharyl Lynn Academic and Student Serivces 11/30/2018
Walker, Patrick G. Bgsu 10/31/2018
Walliser, Amanda L. Campus Ops 04/30/2018
Walliser, John Campus Ops 05/31/2018
Walls, Stephanie Natural and Social Sciences 12/31/2018
Walls, Stephanie M. Natural and Social Sciences 12/31/2017
Walters, Brandon M. WBGU-TV 07/31/2018
Walton, Jason David Schol of Art/THFM 09/30/2018
Wammes, Susan grounds campus operations 10/31/2018
Ward, Nate Jacob shuttle service 09/30/2018
Warner, Chad L. Postal Services 01/31/2018
Warren, Joseph Patrick Catering 08/31/2018
Wayne, Lisa Lynn WBGU-TV 07/31/2018
Weakland, Addison Robert Stroh Center 09/30/2018
Webb, Jodi E. Student Affairs 06/30/2018
Webster, Ceilidh Erin Catering 11/30/2018
Weed, Carina Environmental & Sustainability 08/31/2018
Weik, Dillon Andrew Biology 09/30/2018
Weinberger, Jennie Marie Falcon Outfitters 07/31/2018
Weinberger, Margaret J. Department of Sociology 11/30/2018
Weinsier, Philip Applied Sciences / Bowling Green State University 10/31/2018
Weiser, Derek Russell grounds campus operations 08/31/2018
Weiss, Stormy Tyler HMSLS 11/30/2018
Wentz, Charles Mathew BGSU Cross Country/Track 08/31/2018
Wenz, Emily Kemper Fighting Falcons Squadron 03/31/2018
Wesney, Trishelle Dining Services 03/31/2018
Wheeler, Jackson Bradford Geology Department 05/31/2018
White, Joseph Alexander grounds 05/31/2018
Whitehurst, Robert N. Athletics - Sports Medicine 08/31/2018
Wiechman, Sandra L. Safe Communities of Wood County 05/31/2018
Wildman, Grady M. Campus Operations 10/31/2018
Wildschutte, Hans Biological Sciences 03/31/2018
Wilhelm, Kristyn Ann Sports Medicine 08/31/2018
Wilhelm, Patricia Ann SEES 08/31/2018
Williams, Jacob Classroom Technology Services 12/31/2017
Williams, Niara Ellison Political Science 03/31/2018
Willis, Sarah Kristen Athletics/Softball 03/31/2018
Wilson, Alyson Kay Natural and Social Sciences Firelands 05/31/2018
Wilson, Merril Robert Shuttle Service 01/31/2018
Windau, Ian Anthony WBGU-TV 08/31/2018
Winners, David ITS 12/31/2017
Wiseman, Ashley Louise Kreischer Sundial 09/30/2018
Wisvari, Sam Postal Service 01/31/2018
Wojtkiewicz, Dennis John School of Art/2-DAA 09/30/2018
Wolf, Amanda M. WBGU-TV 05/31/2018
Wolfrum, Erich Hans Postal Services 01/31/2018
Woloschuk, John Robert Biological Sciences 09/30/2018
Wolschlager, Kevin Thomas ENVS 08/31/2018
Woodruff, Peggy Jean Dunkin Donuts 08/31/2018
Woods, Christopher Thomas Firelands Budget and Operations 06/30/2018
Worsham, Thomas Recreation and Wellness 04/30/2018
Wulf, Julianna Pearl Grounds Operations 01/31/2018
Wurst, Chad T. ENVS 3100 08/31/2018
Wygant, Daniel J. Campus Operations 03/31/2018
Wynn, Bryan LD BGSU Police Dept. 08/31/2018
XU, Hong Institutional Research 07/31/2018
Yacobucci, Margaret Mary Geology 08/31/2018
Yarger, Colleen M. Environment & Sustainability 02/28/2018
Yarshenas, Sara Computer Science 08/31/2018
Zachrich, Jon BGSU Dining 01/31/2018
Zahler, Megan Mary Firelands-Admissions and Student Services 09/30/2018
Zenone, Catherine BGSU Catering 12/31/2017
Ziegler, Jacob Allen Department of the Environment & Sustainability 03/31/2018